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Southern Utah News Front Page: May 6, 2021

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K-town''s Devon Chatterley is the new Forged in Fire champion

Devon Chatterley was crowned History Channel’s Forged in Fire champion after his blade withstood the strength test against a block of ice. Chatterley is the grandson of Thois and Rosemary Chatterley and son of Bill and Keiren Chatterley.

Devon Chatterley recently competed on History Channel’s Forged in Fire, which aired on April 28, 2021. The filming took place in Connecticut and the show flew all contestants to their studio for the competition.  The two finalist bladesmiths were sent to their home forges to make a blade or weapon chosen by the judges.  

The two remaining bladesmiths, Chatterley and Clay Wolfe, were asked to make a Northern Long Seax in a Damascus steel.  This requires the bladesmith to layer multiple layers of steel to create a pattern. The blades must be an exact replica of the sample blades in overall parameters. Any blade not within parameters receives an automatic disqualification.    

Every episode the judges test the forged blades or weapon differently.  The bladesmiths have no idea what test will be performed, so they do what they can and hope for the best.     

The first challenge the blades were tested for was sharpness. Chatterley’s blade cut through the first challenge like butter, and like every contest, he was able to hear Judge Doug Marcaida say, “it will Keal”.  

The next challenge tested the strength of the blade - it had to survive chopping a large block of ice. Wolfe’s blade was first to be tested, and snapped when Judge Jay Nielson struck it through the block of ice. Then it was time to test Chatterley’s blade. After six brutal hits, it survived the ice chop for the win!  

Chatterley has stayed in touch with his competing bladesmith, Wolfe, and really enjoyed his experience. “Being named the Forged in Fire champion was one heck of an experience, and one I won’t forget,” said Chatterley. 

Chatterley was raised in Kanab, where he attended Kanab high school before joining the Army in 2010. 

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