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Southern Utah News Front Page: April 2, 2020

Message from Kane County Emergency Services

As of Monday April 1, Kane County has two positive cases of COVID-19. The first case is a travel related case. The individual is not a full-time resident of Kane County, but was visiting a family in the Kanab area when they became sick and were treated in the Kane County Hospital.

The second case is a Kane County resident who lives on the East end of the county. The hospital is not currently treating either of these patients. The Health Department is aware of both cases and is working with the families to identify other persons who may have contacted the sick individuals. If you think you know these individuals, please give them some privacy and allow them to heal.

Our hospital staff is well equipped with personal protective equipment and trained in proper hygiene procedures. If you encounter them outside of the hospital, please treat them with respect and thank them for the service they are providing to protect your family.

County and city officials want to remind everyone that we have expected and prepared for this situation. We will most likely see more cases in the coming days. There is no need to panic and everyone is cautioned to continue with the guidance that has been given for several weeks.

We hope these new developments will remind all residents of Kane County to follow these simple rules we have been given. Keep washing your hands, keep your hands away from your face, and keep your family home. If you need to go to the store or to pick up food, only one person should go. Do not congregate in groups, not even large family groups. It is still safe to go out in your yard or take your dog for a walk and call your neighbors on the phone and check on them.

Always remember to get your information from reputable sources. Many people are spreading false and hateful information, especially on social media, which only creates panic in our communities. Beware of scams from individuals trying to sell you supplies or asking for your personal information in relation to money you might be expecting from the federal government. The government will not call you on the phone. For the most accurate information, use the state’s website,

If everyone will follow Governor Herbert’s current plan of Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives, we will get through this.

Thank you.

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