Just a few items I’d like to catch up on since the election.

First, thanks to Mayor Laycook for embracing the idea of a regularly scheduled public comment period at council meetings and for moving it to the beginning of the agenda. Also, thank you for starting “The Mayor’s Column” in the paper. Both of these actions will improve communication between city officials and the public, and I feel they will help keep people more informed and more invested in the political process.

Next, I would like to applaud Byard Kershaw for his to-the-point letter of a few weeks ago, about misinformation concerning the new jail.  Byard is correct in his contention that the deal is done so everyone needs to “get over it.”  I couldn’t agree more. Let’s stop Global Whining! You can’t always get what you want in life, so move along little doggies.

In that spirit, I would like to offer a few more subjects that should be “gotten over” in Kanab:

1) The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. It’s been here for 15 years. Even George Bush didn’t remove the designation. It’s not going away.  Get over it.

2) Best Friends Animal Society. They’re the largest employer in the county – creating jobs, jobs, jobs. People come from all over the world to visit, depositing tens of thousands of dollars into our economy. Best Friends is not leaving. Woof. (That’s “Get over it” in Doglish.)

3) The new BLM office building.  Again, to quote Byard, when referring to the new jail and equally applicable here: “It is built. Get over it.”

4) I, Victor Cooper, am an ATV riding, dues-paying member of SUWA. (Thank you Seretta Foreman for reminding me my membership was about to lapse in December.) There will be a hockey team in hell before I let anyone intimidate me over my membership in any organization. Get over it.

Finally, another thank you. This one is to Ed Browning for his brilliant letter of last week. Actually, and I hate to interject the oxygen of fact into your fear-mongering balloon, but the majority of votes went to Kirt Carpenter, who made absolutely no bones about his opposition to the process of approving the proposed coal gasification test facility and it’s still-unknown stack height. (Note to P&Z: will you ever tell people how high it is going to be?)

Apparently Mr. Browning, you misread the political tea leaves, but I congratulate you for furthering the divide in this community by insinuating that allowing differing opinions in public forums will lead to the direct and immediate implosion of the American way of life. You rock!

Who doesn’t want an all-white, 100% LDS community where no one asks any questions?  There should be a law!

That being said, how exactly, would a different outcome in the recent election have turned Kanab into Park City or Moab? Did you mean we would have become a city where the city government and local businesses work together to promote a year-round, healthy economy? Did you mean Kanab might have become a city where people from all walks of life, with different political and different religious views, are truly welcomed? Please explain without writing in code.

And again, speaking of tea, this nation was founded on questioning authority. Had that not happened, we’d all be having high tea and biscuits every day, spelling “behaviour” this way, and going to the loo. Perhaps, if you twist hard enough, you will be able to wind your watch back to 1955. But while you’re busy doing that:  change has come to Kanab.

Maybe it’s time for some people to realize the city of Kanab is not one big ward and your neighbors who live, breathe and think outside the ward are not second class citizens.

My unsolicited advice to you Mr. Browning is to spend less time preaching and more time practicing.  It will make Kanab a nicer place.