Thanksgiving is a great holiday. It’s a time to appreciate life’s bounty, and focus on all the things we take for granted. It’s also a time to express the thankfulness our hearts feel.

Our church in Madison, Wisconsin, used to provide meals at a homeless shelter once a month. Dennis and I would take the boys (four sons), and go serve those who didn’t have food. It was a real lesson to us, because we would visit with the homeless and their children, and the kids would find commonality in backgrounds.

People have a lot of different life circumstances, some they deserve and many they don’t, but I’d like to think our family learned to judge less because of the experience. There would be a drunk who had wasted his life away next to a family who were unemployed and embarrassed about their circumstance. Someone who was mentally ill next to someone who had experienced a life threatening illness without insurance.

While I’m not sure whether our sons, who were young at the time, remember much of it, I’ll never forget it. Dennis and I are so blessed and fortunate to have the family, friends, staff, community and the life we have.

We’ve had a tradition from when our sons were little, that we have continued. Before the meal, we hold hands around the table, and say what we were truly thankful for. (Please realize when you’re talking four hungry sons of various ages, and one adult who wants the dinner to get done so he can watch football, and one female who is trying not to fall asleep because she got up too early cooking said dinner, you aren’t going to get ‘really deep’ answers!)

But, the answers through the years have always made me smile. We are all usually thankful, but at different times for different reasons. “I’m thankful that our family is here together.” “I’m thankful for God, family and food.” “I’m thankful that mom made oreo cookie dessert.” “I’m thankful that I made the basketball team.” “I’m thankful that the Packers are doing well.” (Dennis or sons? You be the judge!)

We would like to thank Kanab and the surrounding communities for being the place we’ve called home for nearly 20 years. Thank you for being our friends and customers.

And, Go Packers! (Sorry, the publisher added that.)