t''s spring and the city has decided to extend it''s offer to pickup junk that households want to rid their properties of and thereby do their part to make Kanab a more attractive place to live.  Originally scripted on Kanab City Corp bills as set for April 14-17, the city council agreed to extend the pickup time through Saturday, April 25 in the hope this would give citizens more notice and opportunity to take advantage of this free city service to help beautify the town. 

City Manager Keith McAllister said anything that could be placed in the bucket of a backhoe could be picked up.  "That, of course, excludes automobiles and refrigerators" he quipped.  To schedule a pickup call the city office at 644-2534 or 644-2535.

 City council members gave brief summaries updating their individual program''s activities. Steve Mower reported the main water line from Johnson Canyon to Kanab along Hwy 89 has been completed.  Kanab City employees working on the project drew praise from the Kane County Water Conservancy District, which partnered in the project, for their fine work in connecting this water line. 

Mayor Kim Lawson reiterated this line will be used in emergencies only and the switching valve will be maintained and controlled by the city allowing water to flow to or from the city to Johnson Canyon.  The water line coming into town from the wells near Hancock Rd., which will replace the two old lines, is getting additional funding to complete its undertaking.

 The EMS building project is underway at the airport and progressing nicely he stated.  He also said the Jackson Flat Reservoir was a "90% go for this year."

 Terrill Honey is primarily involved with planning and zoning.  He stated that discussion is still going on over the zone change request for a kennel operation in the Kanab Creek Ranchos by the Turner family.  Negotiations with Garkane Energy regarding power line placement from the Chinle Rd. substation to the KCR substation are continuing.  Fencing regulations for commercial and manufacturing zones are being formulated.

 Jim Sorenson continues his efforts to get the city''s website operational with a test run showing great promise.  "We want to make it user friendly and informative for those seeking information about Kanab," he said.

 Nina Laycook, working in parks and recreation, stated the city is in line to receive a $50,000 grant from the U.S. Tennis Association to help fund the expense of building new tennis courts at Jacob Hamblin Park.  The Kanab swimming pool will officially open Memorial Day weekend, but will most likely be available a few days before that to swimmers.

Laycook said the piece of land between the pool and park will be used for a volleyball court. She announced a memorial plaque will be placed along the east sidewalk, when completed, honoring Ulysses Gardner whose family''s foundation has done so much to improve the park for the enjoyment of Kanab''s citizens and visitors alike. 

 Another park issue troubling Mayor Lawson was brought before the council for future debate of allowing dogs, restrained or otherwise, to use the park.  As with all freedoms comes responsibility and the responsibility dog owners should all have for picking up after their pets is not being met, according to the mayor''s observations. 

"The park is relatively small and the few people that don''t clean up after their dogs are creating an intolerable problem affecting all park users," he emphatically stated.  The few citizens there offering comments supported his view and the issue will undoubtedly be addressed at a future council meeting.

 Lillian Gurr was appointed by Laycook to be the coordinator of the Variety Arts Council which involves such things as the weekly downtown Gazebo musical events in the summer.

 Tony Chatterley announced Zelfa Snyder coming to the Kanab City library on April 16.  An author of over 50 children’s books and winner of the Newberry Honor, she specializes in books for children aged 9-13. 

May 1 is the opening day for the Juniper Art Gallery featuring works by local artists in a multitude of mediums. Doors will open to the gallery and the Kanab Museum above it from 1 to 8 p.m. that day.  The gallery is located in the old middle school complex at the Hwy 89 bend in downtown Kanab across from Parry Lodge to the east.

 Chatterley announced the 10th anniversary celebration of the new Kanab library on May 16 at the library on north Main St.  "A special guest for this event will be Marilyn Watson, the long-time and much beloved head librarian many will remember," declared Chatterley.  Call the library for the time on that Saturday.

 In closing city business, Dustin Jackman was given six-month probationary status for the fire department on recommendation of Chief Joe Decker. Airport manager, Richard Brewer was awarded a merit pay increase.