November 11 will provide an opportunity to pay tribute and honor to the veterans of this country. In Kane County, the number of World War II veterans is rapidly decreasing. Some of the veterans in the Valley or residing in Kanab are remembered as we approach their day of remembrance.

Elburn Sorensen, a great family man from Kanab, is an endearing veteran of World War II and is remembered.

John and Lamar Demille, brothers from Orderville, served in World War II.

Another remembered and beloved citizen of Orderville is Fred Penny, who is still a reminder of the patriotism that so many soldiers felt as they served. 

Lincoln Crofts was also a faithful soldier who served his country.

Let us pause and remember those in our communities who served us and helped to protect our freedoms. Let us remember the Vietnam, Korean War, Desert Storm and Iraq vets, as well as those currently serving  in the military. May you have a wonderful November 11.

Editor’s note-Thanks to all our veterans. We are so grateful for your service!

A Veteran’s Heart


By Myrna Cox

This generation must seek the hearts of the honorable Veteran, and in doing so, each will find the pulsating flow of  blood-stained liberty. The heart that would willingly cease for love of God, life, family and country.

The heart of America will cease to beat, in the rhythmic pulse of freedom, if we fail to recognize the hearts of those patriotic Americans who continue to stand for the American dream. Not the dream of worldly gain, personal prestige, or selfish endeavors for power. It is the dream of the desire for God-given freedom and liberty, earned by Americans whose hearts would readily cease for the love of God, family and country. Many gave it all. Perhaps the rest of us could give – a little.