The Fredonia Town Council regular meeting first agenda item was a heartfelt dedication to Osa Figgins. Figgins managed the Fredonia pool for more than 30 years.   Council member Brent Mackelprang expressed his sincerest thanks to Figgins for her years of hard work, “We’ve appreciated all the work and effort you’ve put into the town… you helped raise our kids!”

The council signed a resolution dedicating 200 East south of Hortt all the way to the pool, naming the stretch Osa Figgins Avenue.

Russ Funk, of Sunrise Engineering, approached the council regarding the Rural Development funding discussed previously for the completion of the Water Project. Funk explained grant funding has become available, but is through a national pool, so the application would need to be submitted as soon as possible for the best chance at being selected.

Funk stated he had tried to run the unfiltered water through the UV system to see if the turbidity issue would be solved. The test was unsuccessful, so the chemical coagulant system is necessary.

Magistrate Serena Cutchen next presented the council with a proposal for online legal reference. Currently, the court uses hardback books, which are constantly being updated.  The books and updates are quite costly and time consuming to research. Cutchen recommended using online references at a fraction of the cost. They are user-friendly, with more frequent updates as well. The council agreed to the change to online legal references.

The town clerk position was revisited next. Watson said the person he proposed at the last meeting had taken another position, leaving one applicant. Watson, Mayor Heaton and Tina Marie Horlacher met with the applicant prior to the meeting. They determined that although she did not have any experience in accounting, she did have computer experience and feels she is a quick learner. The council decided to offer her the position of town clerk.

The council decided to post the position of Public Works Director for three weeks, closing November 18, 2011. Per Fredonia Town Code, any applicant would have to be willing to move to Fredonia if chosen for the position.

Watson presented the Fredonia Town Council with the park project proposal. He explained that between the Kaboom grant, the Game Time 40% off grant, the Coconino County funds and the funds raised by the community, Fredonia is going to be able to purchase more than $80,000 worth of playground equipment, with the council only committing a little over $10,000. 

Watson informed them the previous council had agreed to match any funds raised for the park, if available. He understood he could not hold them to a commitment made by the previous council, but hoped they would honor it. 

“I think it’s something [that is] definitely needed,” stated Mackelprang. The council agreed to the remaining funds to purchase the equipment and requested the fundraising efforts be continued for the ground cover, picnic tables, benches, etc.