The April 14 Fredonia Town Council meeting held several important discussions and decisions.

Town Marshal Dan Watson discussed the need to get a handle on four-wheeler. The recent surge in accidents and greater volume of young children riding through town on four-wheelers is cause for concern. Watson suggested the town possibly adopt the state law requiring off-road recreational vehicles to be registered.

The registration would allow owners, with valid driver’s licenses and helmets, to ride on the street legally. The council agreed the problem was worsening and requested Marshal Watson investigate the law further.

The mayor discussed Fredonia’s annual clean-up day.  She would like to see it scheduled from May 11-15.  The few days would be dedicated to cleaning up the community and encouraging residents to clean-up their properties, and make Fredonia a more beautiful and inviting place to live.

The agenda then began with Russ Funk of Sunrise Engineering informing the council the firm had discovered another filtration rule affecting the plans for the new water system design. 

In order to meet ADEQ filtration rate requirements, additional filters would have to be utilized. By increasing the number of filters, the size of the building housing them will also have to be increased.

Funk and Fredonia Town Manager Tom Corrigan showed the council a map of water lines that needed attention. They pointed out some were still asbestos concrete and needed to be changed for the safety of the Public Works department having to maintain them. Other water lines need to be changed as well, for a greater benefit to the community.

The council agreed all of the issues Funk addressed were important, but the items were only on the agenda for discussion. So, the council was unable to make a motion for Sunrise Engineering to move forward with the changes.  The items will be placed on the next agenda for possible action.

Marshal Watson addressed the council again.  This time he updated them on  the recent accident involving Officer JD Wright.

 While the accident left victims with only minor injuries, the police vehicle involved was deemed a total loss.  With the vehicle out of commission, it is necessary for the department to purchase a new one. Watson assured the council he would be able to buy one within this year’s budget. 

Watson explained Kane County was going to be trading in their vehicles in the near future. They have low miles and are well maintained. Watson felt purchasing one of them would be the best alternative for the Marshal’s Office. The council unanimously agreed to the purchase.

The council also decided, in light of the recent accident, they would like to develop a system of review for all town-involved accidents. Watson explained that was standard in many areas and would hold a review with the council as soon as the report was returned from DPS.

Council member Greg Honey presented the council with information regarding the sprinkler system at the cemetery. The town is required to provide perpetual care to the facility. It has become necessary to redo the sprinkler system for greater efficiency and better quality care. The council agreed the system was necessary and motioned to let him move forward with cost analysis of the project.

April is Fair Housing Month. In order to remain in compliance with CDBG funding and to show support for the law, the council adopted a Fair Housing Resolution for the Town of Fredonia.

The Welcome Center was also discussed. The council agreed to hire Greg Sant to care for the center over the summer. The contract with ASIA for the Welcome Center was reviewed and the council determined it was not acceptable at its current state. Changes would be made and presented to ASIA, then returned for review by the council.