At the October 17 Kane County Commission meeting, the following people were re-appointed to the Kane County Water Conservancy District Board for four year terms: Bonnie Altig, Merlin Esplin, Dirk Clayson, Cloyd Chamberlain, Ken Smith and Tony Chelewski. Commissioner Clayson abstained from voting.

Tony Wright and Kirt Carpenter were appointed to the re-activated Recreation and Transportation SSD Board.

The commissioners received the newly completed Kane County Code-Codified. It is a consolidated, organized and most current county ordinance code for easier and faster reference. Subdivision and zoning ordinances are still being reviewed by the planning commission and are not included until completed. It is available on the county web page.

The county road department is concerned about damages to county roads during snow removal. Road Foreman Bert Harris said the county ends up “being stuck with repair costs.” The county is considering requiring bonds for roads needing extensive snow removal. For now, the county will enforce requesting permits for snow removal. Lou Pratt, GIS Transportation Director, will send letters of notification.

A photo will be used as the county logo on letterhead on a trial basis. The county is not ready to formally change the logo, which will require changing logos all over the county.

Commissioner Clayson updated the commission on the Long Valley and Spring Hill Drive roads. After investigation, Clayson felt there were some communication issues on the Spring Hill Drive Road. The county has no need to take any action until the residents come to a consensus. Clayson recommended a sign for trucks to take an alternative route. The county still has plans to put in some culverts and widen the road.

On the Long Valley Road, the Water Conservancy District will do some work as required.  However, it is not an upgrade.

Sandy Kerr, Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), updated the commission on her department. They were approved for a $23,000 grant. Kerr requested some space in the courthouse once law enforcement moves to the new facility. It is more convenient for victims.

The commissioners spent some time coordinating upcoming meeting assignments and reporting on meetings attended. At the Vernal meeting, Clayson was appointed to an eight-member state-wide Joint Highway and Funding Committee.

Commissioner Jim Matson reported the status of the California Condors is non-essential experimental status and operated out of the Peregrin Fund. Right now, there is no concern regarding habitat.

Commissioner Doug Heaton reported the elk population is growing in Kane County. They are moving south. Deer tend to move out when elk move in. The change can affect the Animal Unit Month (one cow per month) for cattle grazing. Heaton indicated the consensus of the board meeting he attended on the elk population was, “Don’t worry.”