The Fredonia Town Council met for a special work meeting last week to discuss the Fredonia Water Project with Sunrise Engineering’s Russ Funk.

The council was met, yet again, with the news that the time required for the contractors to complete the project must be extended, which, in turn, will cost additional money. The longer the project draws out, the more money it will cost. Funk assured the council that Johansen should finish the project, excluding fencing, by October 15, 2011. 

Funk continued with the bad news, informing the Fredonia Town Council that the testing done after installing the additional media to the new UV filtrations systems revealed the media had not solved the turbidity problem. Funk stated the coagulant system, which will cost approximately $30,000, will most likely be necessary to meet ADEQ standards.

The Fredonia Town Council asked Funk why the coagulant system had not been discussed at the beginning of the project, so it could have been budgeted for. Funk explained that the original proposal was actually for a micro-filtration system, but the previous council was more comfortable with the more familiar UV system.

Funk suggested the council begin the application process with Rural Development to cover the cost of the coagulant system and any additional costs that may present themselves prior to the completion of the project. Funding to be available November 2011. The funding may be in the form of a grant, a loan or both. The 2009 bond election allows for the request of additional funding if necessary.

The council expressed their frustration about being in this position now, over budget in time and money.