Dear Editor:

“Change is the law of life.” This quote is accredited to former President John F. Kennedy, but anyone my age can attest how very true that statement is.

I’m sure President Kennedy and numerous others offered quotes about the difficulty in making changes, but I want to share the difficulty I faced in making the decision to leave Kane County Medical Clinic and go to work for Canyonlands Community Healthcare in Fredonia, Arizona, starting November 7, 2011.

Honestly, it is difficult for me to leave patients who I’ve treated over the past six years. Without the trust and support of my patients, I would not have a job.

I really enjoy working the emergency room, but it is my clinic practice that gives me the greatest satisfaction. I truly value the provider and patient relationship that develops over time out of a mutual trust. I listen to the feedback I get from patients where I can be a better medical provider.

You learn very quickly about your shortcomings as a medical provider when working in a small town clinic. You won’t have any patients if you don’t treat them with respect and compassion.

Patients will not tolerate a weatherman’s “partly cloudy” or “50 percent chance of rain” prognostication when it comes to their or their family’s health. I hope I have always let my patients know how important their health and well-being is to me, and how hard I work to deserve their trust.

I will miss working with my supervising physicians, Dr. Darin Ott and Dr. Johnathan Bowman. I realize what a unique working relationship we have at Kane County Clinic. I hope it will continue, even though we aren’t down the hall from each other.

Only seven miles separate the two clinics, and I have first-hand knowledge of the expertise and experience they offer patients. That is a huge advantage I have by remaining in the community.

I’ve always felt fortunate to have Dr. Ott’s and Dr. Bowman’s guidance and trust. Any mid-level provider would feel blessed to have the opportunity to work in a progressive practice that demands your best effort, and allows you to grow as a provider.

I want both doctors to know I am most thankful for that opportunity and realize I consider it a privilege to work for them. I will continue to make referrals to Dr. Ott and Dr. Bowman as needed for patients while working at Canyonlands. I know that patients benefit from utilizing quality medical resources that are available close to home.

I want to thank the Kane County Hospital Board and Administrator for giving my wife and I `the chance to live a more typical married life than we had for five years. Before coming to Kanab with my wife’s deployment and my job in Alaska, we only saw each other ten days one year and reached the maximum of 120 days the other four years of our marriage.

We are happy to say we are no longer “two ships passing in the night,” but wrestling over who gets the lion’s share of the blanket at night. That’s the normal we were looking for and wanted.

I want to thank the medical, nursing, x-ray and laboratory staff, administrative and hospital support staff at Kane County Hospital for their assistance in caring for my patients.

Quality health care demands the very best from everyone, every single day. Without the hard work of many people, it would have been difficult to provide the level of care I work hard to deliver to patients.

One of the main reasons I took the position in Fredonia instead of elsewhere was because it offered me the clinic setting I enjoy without relocating my family.

I could continue to live and work in the expanded community of Kanab and Fredonia without leaving our friends and our home. I am looking forward to working once more in rural community health clinic where the sole provider not only sees patients, but also has some expanded responsibility in the day-to-day operation of the clinic.