September 15, 2011, is a historic day for Fredonia High School. The school’s very first swim team competed in their first swim meet of the season.  Students rode four hours to Flagstaff, Arizona to race against three 4A schools:  Flagstaff High School, Mingus Union High School, and Bradshaw Mountain High School.

With over 150 participants in the swim meet, the competition was intense. Fredonia came home from the meet with one second place, one third place and five fourth place finishes, with one being the boys 200 yard medley relay.

Mitchell Johnson took second place in the 100-yard breaststroke. Kaden Finicum placed third in the 100-yard butterfly. Melonie Mudrow and Mitchell Johnson both were fourth in the 50-yard freestyle. Celeste Mognet and Zack Waite placed fourth in the 100-yard backstroke. 

The Fredonia High School Swim Team consists of the following members: Kaleb Cluff, Danielle Douglas, Kaden Finicum, Garrett Honey, Mitchell Johnson, Celeste Mognett, Melonie Mudrow, Krissa Stotlar, Randi Stotlar and Zack Waite, with Kristen Heaton as manager. This year’s coach is Eva Raddatz. Team members also receive additional coaching assistance from the summer league coaches John Horlacher and Regina Finicum. 

The school appreciates the Town of Fredonia’s support of the team and the use of the community pool. If you like to make an Arizona Tax Credit donation to the team, you may contact the high school for details by calling (928) 643-7333 ext 1.