In the Kane County Commission meeting on Monday, September 26, the Kane County Commissioners deferred the salary increase they voted to give themselves earlier this month.

According to Commissioner Jim Matson, they will not take their raises until two things occur.

1) Completion and implementation of the parity wage study and job description underway for county employees.

2) The commissioners come up with at least a 10% reduction in property taxes, which is $3555,000. When both of these occur, the 85% raise from $21,000 to $39,000 will begin.

According to Commissioner Matson, there has not been a decrease in property taxes for over 40 years.

The other elected officials, who were also given hefty raises to bring them in line with other counties our size, will receive their increased pay effective October, 1, 2011 as planned.

To see what the increases are, and the wages and raises for the last 14 years, see the spreadsheet on page 26 of this week’s paper.