Netflix® can’t even offer the kind of fantastic film programming opportunities rounding out the final days of DOCUTAH, the Southern Utah International Film Festival in Kanab. Documentary screenings continue to be shown at highlighted locations in Kanab, along with the DOCUTAH Commons and the Kanab Gala at Best Friends, all playing a part in bringing a fantastic week of entertainment and education to the community.

On Wednesday, September 14, four films will be screened, starting at 6 p.m. in the Kanab High School Auditorium, beginning with “A Farmer’s Land,” followed by “The Baton,” a student-produced film by Michael Wende, who will be in attendance at the screening.

Wende’s film focuses on an international symphony orchestra conductor competition in Germany. Conductors have a job like no other. Twelve aspiring music conductors from all over the world compete to win the world’s most honored conducting battle.

Films also being shown that night are “From Bohemia’s Woods” and “Atomic Mom.”

Parry Lodge screenings for Wednesday, September 14 start at 7 p.m. and include the films, “Stan Versus Squirrel,” “Rocket Men,” and “Encounter on the High Desert.”

Filmed locally, “Encounter on the High Desert” examines key elements of Southern Paiute, Mormon, Navajo and Federal history of the 1800’s, telling the story of Pipe Spring National Monument and the surrounding region of northern Arizona and southern Utah. Pipe Spring National Monument Superintendent John Hiscock will be present at the screening to answer questions and discuss the film.

The DOCUTAH Commons, “Kabul to Kanab,” will be held at the Crescent Moon Theater on Thursday, September 15 starting at 2 p.m. “Kabul to Kanab” is a unique opportunity to view several short films by young filmmakers in Afghanistan called “The Fruit of our Labor.”

Michael Sheridan, filmmaker, director, and mastermind behind the film, joins a panel to talk about his project and discuss the impact young filmmakers can have in addressing social and economic needs of a community. The panel will also discuss plans to develop digital media opportunities in Kanab and Kane County and is offered at no charge to attendees.

DOCUTAH concludes with the Kanab Gala being held at Angels Landing at Best Friends on Friday, Sept. 16, at 7:30 p.m. with a screening of the “The Forest Prince and the Pig Man,” focusing on whatever happened to the free ride and the wide-open road. By interweaving a coast-to-coast hitchhiking trip with the never-before-told history of bumming rides, “The Forest Prince & the Pig Man (Hitchhiking in America)” tells the whole quirky, sordid tale.

The film’s director and producer Craig Constantine is hitchhiking to Best Friends for this event, and will discuss his travels on the open road and what it was like to have to thumb for a ride.

Parking for this event will be at the Best Friends Visitor Center where shuttles will be available to take you to Angel’s Landing. Shuttles will start running approximately 7 p.m.

Full film descriptions and a schedule for all DOCUTAH happenings can be found online at For more information, contact CEBA by calling 435-899-0443.