Financial Consultant Gil Miller gave a power point presentation on tax rates and the county financial condition at the August 29 work meeting. His report centered on the three funds that deal with tax money. They are the General Fund (10), Assessing and Collections (11) and the Public Safety Facility (48).

Miller reported on running Kane County as a business and elected officials are part of the management team and how the funds affect the property tax rates. He commended Kane County elected officials for their transparency. One point noted is revenues are down about $90,000 for this time of the year. Of major concern is PILT funding. This year Kane County received $1,400,000 in PILT funding. 

“There is a 90% chance Kane County will not get any PILT funding in 2012,” said Miller. According to Miller, the implication for 2012 is a tight budget and he recommends holding the tax levy where it is.

Dr. Blodgett, South West Health Department, updated the commission on programs and budget, how money from the mill levy is spent, and clinic services offered in Kanab. Some of those services include the clinic, which is open five days a week, school nurse, traveling clinic, flu shots and emergency preparedness.

The future focus will be health promotion, including healthy behavior. They will again offer free flu immunizations; that alone amounts to about $50,000.  Blodgett said Kane County had the highest rate of H1N1 vaccinations and was the only county in Utah with an H1N1 death. “Being part of the Five Counties health system is a good bargain,” said Dr. Blodgett.

The commission reported on their objectives as of February 7, 2011:

•The revision of the General Plan is in progress, taking into consideration both private and public land. With these changes, increased growth is predicted.

•Taxation, effective budget, reporting and capital funds. The commissioners commended County Auditor Karla Johnson for her efforts to keep the commissioners educated on county finances.

•Telephone and communication issues for the now seven county buildings is complete with a new phone system.

•Roads litigation and maintenance priorities. They are on task with priorities and cautiously optimistic on the Bald Knoll litigation, and the Hole in the Rock Quiet Title. Commissioner Doug Heaton praised former Commissioner Mark Habbeshaw for his work on roads and said, “We have no intention of giving up our right to public transportation.”

•A project management function is planned for any future building project. 

•Courthouse and building security (after hours) will continue to be handled when the Sheriff’s Office moves to the new facility.

•Department of Interior Wild Lands Initiative and Wilderness Study Areas - The commissioners will continue to be very active.

•Establish Economic Development function. With Matt Brown as the Economic Director, a lot of progress has been made. Strategies have been implemented with the Travel Council and CEBA. The focus is on jobs with good sustaining family income. There is a dramatic difference in wages for mining and tourism.

•Establish consistent wage and salary administration for parity and fairness. Although voted on at the last meeting, the commissioners felt this issue needed to be more adequately noticed and readdressed in a public hearing and therefore will not be implemented.

•Develop enlightened Land Use Ordinances and Administration. The Planning Commission is making good progress.

•Orderly start-up of new Public Safety Facility. They have a transition team. The facility opens on November 2, 2011. They are considering an overnighter concept for the community and students prior to opening.