We asked the following questions of the eight remaining Kanab City Council candidates. After a random drawing, these candidates were chosen this week. The other four candidates’ responses were in last week’s paper. Beth Kampschror and Charley Wright have dropped out of the race.

1) Give us a little background on yourself.

2) Why do you want to run for city council?

3) What are your thoughts on the coal gasification plant and the process taken until now?

4) What’s your vision for Kanab in the next 10 years?

5) Name one thing that you want to accomplish if elected.

1) I was born and raised in a small Kansas prairie town. A year after high school, I married Kathryn Elizabeth and enlisted in the Navy. While driving through the U.S. southwest to report for military duty in California, we passed through this area, and that is all it took for us to decide we would make Kanab our home someday. I served four years in the Navy in the Far East, after which I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in Texas and then was hired by AT&T Bell Telephone Labs in New Jersey. After retirement from AT&T, we moved our home to Kanab and have lived here happily for 10 years.

2) I am campaigning to be elected a Kanab City Councilman to fulfill that basic duty of every citizen elected to office – contribute to, and thus ensure, the preservation of the freedom that we enjoy. Freedom is not only a great right; it is the result of the hard work needed to protect it. I will seek the advice of all who will share their wisdom with me, and will sincerely attempt to represent the values of the citizens of our local area.

3) The coal gasification project has taken on a persona beyond the physical benefits or physical risks of the project. This proposed project has had a divisive, contentious and deleterious effect on Kanab’s social fiber. When an issue like this divides a community into such bitterly bickering camps, it must be evaluated as much on the social “contamination” it causes, as on its physical merits. For this reason, I do not think the project is a benefit to Kanab.

4) My vision for the next decade is to watch Kanab evolve into a “world-class” gem modeled after the blueprint promulgated in the Post-Charrette Edition of “A Vision for Kanab.” This brochure is available at the Kanab City office and details this theme much more elegantly than can I. Please read it. The bottom line - we need to capitalize on what draws people to live, work and vacation in Kanab and the surrounding area.

5) My single most important goal is to work to foster and develop the growth of a vibrant local economy which develops the unbounded potential of our youth, depends on the capable and mature productivity of our middle-aged, and which benefits from the valuable experience and expertise of our elders. Each of these groups is roughly one-third of the population, and each is a priceless resource of our Kanab.