We asked the following questions of the eight remaining Kanab City Council candidates. After a random drawing, these candidates were chosen this week. The other four candidates’ responses were in last week’s paper. Beth Kampschror and Charley Wright have dropped out of the race.

1) Give us a little background on yourself.

2) Why do you want to run for city council?

3) What are your thoughts on the coal gasification plant and the process taken until now?

4) What’s your vision for Kanab in the next 10 years?

5) Name one thing that you want to accomplish if elected.

Debrah Fox

1) As a youth, I spent my summers in Kanab with my sister, who lived and raised her family here. This is what brought me to the area in the first place. I graduated from Dixie High School. I married a Kanab local, Brent Fox.

After moving here and reading the old history of Kane County, I found that one of my relatives built the second home in Kanab. So my roots actually start from the beginning of Kanab.

We left the area for about 11 years, but our families still lived in the area so visited every chance that we could. My husband and I loved the hometown feeling of this little community, and wanted our children to grow up here, so we moved back.

We have three children nine grandchildren, and then add two dogs; seven of those grandchildren live in this community.

I’m presently employed as an Operation Supervisor of Mountain America Credit Union.

I’ve held various volunteer community positions such as:

~ Chairman of the March of Dimes for Carbon County when we lived in Price, Utah.

~Member of the Kane County Hospital board for over 11 years (which is actually a elected position.)

~Chairperson for one term on the hospital board.

2) Kanab is my home and has been for over 40 years. I am very active in politics and have always been apprised of issues.

I am in the perfect time of my life to become more involved in our precious hometown. It’s where my grandkids are growing up. I would like to keep Kanab the wonderful place it is for their growing up years and to have positive opportunities available for them.

I feel it’s important that we help in the decision-making process of our government. If I don’t like a decision, I don’t want to sit back and then complain about the outcome. When the decision is made and it’s not what I want, I will at least know I did my part.

I believe in being part of the solution, not part of the problem.

3) I have felt the process has been fine and feel ok about the decision. Kanab needs economic growth opportunities, but will stand firm on keeping Kanab the place we all love. There will be over 2.4 million dollars coming into our economy through the gasification plant.

I can understand that some people are not comfortable with the process and I would be fine with taking a vote on who is for or against it. My only thought on that is if we do it for this, will we need to vote on all other laws passed?

Each person has a voice and should use it. I do think that one of the ways to use that voice is to get out and vote in this election and all elections. I will be open to all opinions. What if coal gasification works? It sounds exciting to me.

4) I don’t have a master plan, for I have found that any master plan I have made for my life has changed as I have changed. For those of us who have lived and worked here, those who have made the decision to retire here, to make our home here, love this community and would like to be able to have a safe, healthy community.

But there is no stagnation. All communities change. I believe that will be the case of being on the city council, as the city evolves, so will I. There are things that I would like to see with the growth of the area. Some of them are how do we keep our young entertained? Maybe softball fields with lights for summer tournaments. Which would bring in income for the city? Lights for the Babe Ruth field for night tournaments – this would also bring in income for the city as well and entertain. So we could have more than one tournament a year here for the younger kids, a parks and recreation person planning events for entertaining our youth. I would like to be able to have more businesses that brings higher paying jobs to keep our youth in the area.

5) I have no hidden agenda and really have nothing in mind to change or want something different then what is happening right now. After being on the hospital board I found things that I thought were bugging me and that I wanted to change when I got on there. That changed after I really realized the why and the what, it became less of an issue with me. I have made changes there and was very willing to do that when the time came up and an issue arrived.

The thing I really want to accomplish is to get everyone in the community involved in the process from elections on. A democracy means a political system in which the supreme power lies in integrity of its citizens who elect people to represent them. Unless everyone uses their right to vote, we will never have that system. I would appreciate your vote. I would do my best for Kanab and its citizens.

Take your vote to the polls, so your voice can be heard.