We asked the following questions of the eight remaining Kanab City Council candidates. After a random drawing, these candidates were chosen this week. The other four candidates’ responses will be in next week’s paper. Beth Kampschror and Charley Wright have dropped out of the race.

1) Give us a little background on yourself.

2) Why do you want to run for city council?

3) What are your thoughts on the coal gasification plant and the process taken until now?

4) What’s your vision for Kanab in the next 10 years?

5) Name one thing that you want to accomplish if elected.



Cheryl Brown

1) My name is Cheryl Brown and I have lived in and loved Kanab for 27 years. My husband, Randy, and I have raised our five children here. We love the beautiful surroundings and wholesome atmosphere in this community. I have served on the Parks and Rec Board since its inception, and want to continue my work there. I have always tried to support efforts that strengthen families and especially children/youth who don’t have a voice. I have been involved in youth sports, PTA and church youth groups. I was a VISTA volunteer for Kane County and created an after-school recreation program which led me to the 4-H Youth and Families with Promise mentoring program.

I am currently the chairman of a citizens committee which is developing a recreation plan for the new Jackson Reservoir. I have enjoyed all of these activities because they have allowed me to meet and appreciate people with diverse backgrounds.

2) I love living in Kanab and I would like to give back by helping to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy here. I was chosen by the city council in May to fill a vacant seat on that council. It has been a great learning experience. In that short time, I have realized that it takes time to study the issues and wisdom to make equitable decisions. Wisdom comes with life experience and my empty-nest status grants me the time to devote to civic service. If you have concerns or ideas let me know at rcbrown@xpressweb.com

3) The city council acts in three ways: Legislative - when they create ordinances; Administrative - when they carry out those ordinances; and Judicial - when they act as a jury to decide if something was done in the proper manner.

The city council is in the process of an appeal concerning the coal gasification plant. Kanab’s legal representative advised council members not to comment on it at this time.  It’s similar to a juror not being able to discuss a trial while it’s in progress. Councilman Chatterley and I cannot talk to anyone about what’s going on with Viresco until after that appeals process is finished. I know there are people who are frustrated by the lack of information. I am too!

Since my appointment in May, no decisions about Viresco have come before the city council. I have gone online to the city website, read the land use ordinances, minutes of the planning and zoning commission and city council meetings to educate myself. I have also done some research online about coal gasification plants. I suggest you do the same to receive balanced information so you can come to a reasonable conclusion about its merits and possible dangers.

 4) I see some very positive things happening in Kanab. We have some great visioning documents to guide us and good people working to make that vision come to pass. We have recently upgraded infrastructure with new water and power lines, and soon there will be new fiber optic cables throughout town. While Kanab is recognized as a tourist town, I don’t think it’s wise to put all our eggs in one basket. I think our economic base needs to expand to encompass other business and industry. With the installation of the fiber optic network, technology-based businesses may look to relocate in Kanab. I would like to see sustainable, well-planned growth so others can enjoy the kind of life we have. Organized growth is a healthy thing for a community. I would like to help facilitate that. I envision a balanced budget with a reasonable rainy day fund. To make that happen, the city council will need to continue to find ways to reduce costs without reducing services or raising taxes. Some ideas I want to explore are investigating costs for solar heat for the pool to reduce its utility costs and seeking grant money to build some recreational facilities at the Jackson Reservoir.  

5) If elected, I would like to establish world peace and a balanced national budget. Okay, that’s two things and maybe those goals are a little too lofty for me to accomplish, but I would love to see more unity in our community. I love listening to people’s stories about what brought them to Kanab and it’s usually the small town friendliness, the beauty they see and peace they feel here. I would like to build on our common goals to make Kanab a place where we can share the beauties of this earth, earn a living, and have a safe, secure environment to raise families. There is great strength in diversity and we are all enriched by the talents and experience of others.