Russ Funk of Sunrise Engineering began the regular Fredonia Town Council meeting on August 9 with an update on the water project. The treatment plant is currently in the startup phase.  The filter manufacturer came for the start up and said it was ready for operation.  Unfortunately, it is taking two and a half hours to backwash to get the turbidity where it needs to be. This is not an acceptable amount of time. 

Funk has asked the manufacturer to return to determine how this can be rectified. A chemical coagulant may have to be added to obtain desired turbidity results.

The SCADA integrator has been making good progress, but because the bid was by the hour, it appears they will go over budget by approximately $8,000. Sunrise Engineering offered to split the overage cost 50/50 with Fredonia.  The council accepted the offer.

Johansen will return to complete the reservoir the beginning of September.

Funk expressed his confidence in the project and the good possibility of coming in under budget overall.

The possibility of allowing Fredonia High School to use the pool for a swim team was next on the agenda. The council unanimously approved the proposal, which was discussed at length at the work meeting held prior to the regular meeting. The school will pay to have a dome-like cover installed over the pool, and the town will pay for utilities and maintenance. 

Superintendent Nicholas Bartlett requested any community members interested in helping with the project contact the school. The council chambers shook with applause from community members present to show their support of a Fredonia High School swim team.

The Department of Economic Security (DES) is seeking an office location. The office, which currently resides in the Community Behavioral Health Services building, must be moved by September 15. The possibility of renting a piece of Fredonia property to place a modular office was discussed.  There are two viable locations, one by the medical center and one by the senior center.  The town would pay for utility hookups, but DES would pay for the actual monthly utilities. The council agreed to offer DES either piece of property for $250 per month plus utilities.