The 13th Annual Western Legends Round-up was a great success. Thank you to the executive committee, committee partners, and associate committees. Thanks also to law enforcement, performers and volunteers who contributed in making Western Legends a signature event here.

Executive Director Betty Colson did an excellent job. Especialy impressive were the four color programs she designed, a first for Western Legends. They were really beautiful.

This year, Dennis and I actually did the ‘tourist’ thing. We attended numerous venues and different events, and tried to observe Western Legends like someone visiting would.

All I can say about our experience! Besides bringing in tourists and helping the economy, Western Legends puts a great look to our community. Despite our differences on many things, we all seem to share pride in where we live, its background, and why we think we live in the greatest earth on show!

From cowboy poetry to action shooting, from the high noon parade to the movie stars who put us on the map – Western Legends is a very special treat for visitors, as well as locals. It helps us refocus on why we like living in Kanab.

Thank you to all who participated for making the 13th Annual Western Legends Round-up a big hit!