On August 17, 2011, the Kane County Drug Task Force successfully took down a large marijuana garden in the Mill Creek area that is suspected to be owned by a Mexican drug cartel.

The Kane County Drug Task Force received a tip last fall from a local citizen who was concerned about suspicious activity. Further investigation showed there was a large marijuana garden on a land-locked parcel of BLM land surrounded by private property.

After hours of surveillance, the Kane County Drug Task Force, DEA and Bureau of Land Management conducted a raid on the garden.

Other agencies that participated in the raid included the Kanab City Police, Fredonia Marshal’s Office, UHP, Washington County Sheriff’s Office SWAT, St. George SWAT, Washington County Drug Task Force, ICE, Utah Department of Public Safety SRT, Utah State Parks and DWR.

Over 10,000 mature marijuana plants were taken out of the area. This is the largest marijuana garden ever discovered in Kane County.

The Kane County Sheriff’s Office would like to encourage anyone who is in the outdoors to be cautious and alert of their surroundings and to contact authorities if they come across anything suspicious.

The Kane County Drug Task Force also thanks the local citizens who helped by reporting this garden and the property owners that allowed law enforcement to access their property.