The Fredonia Summer Softball Men’s League Tournament was the focal point of the week, as spectators and players perched on the edge of the bleachers anxious to find out who would be the champion. Would it be top-seeded Ramsay, or would another team step up to the plate and beat them?

The tournament, which began the week prior, continued last Monday with Lynx Fuel shutting down Buckskin 24-12. Red Rock R&R enjoyed a victory over Ramsay 16-15, and Lotsa Motsa pummeled Lynx 44-13, securing their spot in Wednesday’s finals.

Wednesday brought a thrilling three game championship for the men. The first game of the night was to determine who would play Red Rock R&R in the second game. Lotsa Motsa held out as best they could, but lost to Ramsay 37-21. Red Rock R&R would have to beat Ramsay by 10 runs to end the tournament with the next game. Or Ramsay would have to beat Red Rock twice to win first place.

The first game looked like Ramsay may hold on to their title. It was a close game. Ramsay won 28-20, with the final out having the ump wondering if he was going to make the Southern Utah News for his controversial call as Trever Lathim slid home.

One game down, one to go and Red Rock R&R decided it was time to show Ramsay who was boss. While Ramsay hit individuals home, Red Rock loaded the bases and sent them all in to score! Red Rock R&R’s tactic worked like a charm to beat Ramsay 22-14, giving them the honored title of Fredonia Summer Softball Champions!

Last week was also the final week of regular co-ed games before their tournament.  Tuesday was a night of big wins with Ramsay beating out Cowboy Butte 21-11 and Short Stop taking out the Tribe 26-14. On Thursday night, Forest Service played their best game of the season, losing to Ramsay by a mere 21-18 score. The final game was forfeited by Cowboy Butte, handing the win to Short Stop. 

The Fredonia Summer Softball season is winding down, so don’t miss this final week!  Co-ed tournaments began on Monday and will continue through Friday, August 19. See who will be named the 2011 Co-ed Summer Softball Champion!