The Fredonia Town Council held a special meeting last week to discuss several action items. 

The meeting began with Town Manager Dan Watson informing the council the electrical system at the medical center could not accommodate the new HVAC system. The 200-amp service must be upgraded to 400 amp to meet the needs of the units. The council awarded the approximately $8,000 job to low bidder, Wilkinson Electric Inc.

The next item discussed was the codification of the Fredonia Town Code. The code has been the topic of conversation in the Fredonia Town Council meetings for the last few years as inconsistencies and un-updated chapters have been discovered. The daunting task of updating the code has been attempted a couple times, but it has never come to fruition.

Watson had put out a request for bids for the codification of the code. The codification company will go through the entire code, comparing it to federal, state and county statutes to insure there are no contradictions to the law. It will remove any redundancies in the code, and bring any inconsistencies to the Fredonia Council for changes.

It will also go through the ordinances, resolutions and minutes since 1974 to determine any changes to code that have been passed, but not updated. Once there is an actual, updated, working Fredonia Town Code, the company will maintain the code, making any changes as voted on by the council. The Fredonia Town Council and office staff expressed their excitement for the process and more precisely, the end result, a viable Town Code.

Fredonia Town Council members were then informed the heater at the Fredonia Pool was broken. It was determined the best option would be to replace the heater, which should allow for a significant savings in propane.

Finally, the council voted to put the contract for tree trimming out to bid. According to Garkane Energy, many of Fredonia’s power outage issues are because of the trees in the power lines. The request for bids will be in this week’s newspaper.