Eleven candidates have filed for the three open Kanab City Council seats. That is a great thing - thank you for running for public office! You have not only expressed your opinion on what’s going on, but are willing to become involved to do something about it.

In our 19 years of owning the newspaper we have never seen that many candidates running for office … including during such divisive issues as roads, natural family or anything else for that matter.

We are sending out questions to the candidates, and ask that they return them with a photo and their answers. We will publish the answers over a two to three week period. The order will be selected by lottery.

With so many candidates, we are setting some ground rules. Candidates are limited to one personal letter to the editor. Supporters may write letters, but please keep them brief! These letters must be under 150 words in length. We will not tolerate open rants or mean-spirited commentary. (People want to know what you can offer, not negative rants on the other candidates.) No letters to the editor regarding any candidates will be printed on the Wednesday before the primary election on September 13.

Good luck to all the candidates. We hope those who are elected will reflect what the majority of Kanab citizens want the community to be.