There have been planning and zoning issues, conditional use permits, site plans, citizen reactions, different political parties objecting based on others supporting, and a citizen initiative ballot proposal concerning the Viresco experimental coal gasification plant proposed south of town.

But what does it all mean? And, where does it go from here?

The Kanab City Planning and Zoning Commission’s approved a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Jim Guthrie’s Viresco experimental gasification plant on July 19. Guthrie had first submitted his plans for his experimental coal gasification plan to the city last fall.

Kanab City Manager Duane Huffman said the issue went through planning and zoning first, because it was initiated there. In an administrative decision, the power to make determinations concerning certain things by a city is delegated or distributed. P&Z had the Viresco application first.

“The city has vested administrative authority to the planning and zoning on this issue,” said Huffman.

In this situation, the applicant (Guthrie-Viresco), came in for a site plan and conditional use permit. They have both been granted through Kanab City Planning and Zoning.

The granted CUP had strict conditions that have not been signed by Guthrie yet. If he signs it and agrees to the conditional use permit, the project goes to Kanab’s building inspector, Russ Keller.

For a building permit, Guthrie must meet the conditions of the CUP, and have his architectural requirements reviewed by appropriate authorities concerning building codes and safety standards.

Citizens against Viresco signed petitions to put the matter to change law to a vote.

Concerning the citizen’s ballot initiative (according to Huffman).

• The signatures have already been turned into the county clerk. She must certify them, and if there are enough qualified signatures, give them to Huffman.

• Huffman will then give it to the Kanab City Council. They will consider the proposed law, and can accept it as submitted, accept it and send it to the voters for a referendum vote, reject it and send it to the voters, or reject it and send both it and a competing law to the voters. If the proposed law does go to the voters, it will be in the November 2013 municipal election, or potentially a special election called in June or November of 2012.