You’ve heard the expression, “Let’s make a run for the border!” Well, 18 members of the Sky View High School cross country team, plus two coaches, did just that. They ran from the Idaho/Utah border approximately 400 miles to the Utah/Arizona border.

Coaches Kyle Wright and Jared Storrs said the team usually has a summer camp somewhere each year, where they would get away for a few days, listen to motivational speakers, run a little, and do some fun things. They heard of a college cross country team that was running coast-to-coast across the country. That gave them the idea to run across the state of Utah, from the northern tip to the southernmost part.

The run started early Monday morning at 12:01 a.m. on July 11 and hit the Arizona border at 3:38 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13. They ran the length of the state basically on Highway 89 (although they dipped west of Utah Lake going through Provo).

The 20 runners split into two teams, one coach and nine high school cross country runners per team. Each team was on eight hours, then off eight hours, as they split time crossing the state. At least two runners were on the road the whole way. Most of the runners logged about 40 miles each, usually in six to eight mile segments.

The runners never experienced any setbacks on the way, although they had several people stop and ask them if they needed a ride, or if they were in trouble.

When asked if they wanted to run back to Smithfield, near Logan where the high school is located, there was a resounding, “No, I think we’ll ride back!”