Petty Officer 2nd Class Travis Hoyt Jackson

Travis, 24, is currently a PO2 assigned to the USS Milius in radar/weapons control. The Milius is a newer class of destroyer based out of San Diego. Because of its type, it’s deployed on quicker turn-arounds than other types of destroyers (just under a year as compared to year and a half on average), so Travis recently returned from his second seven-month tour of duty in the Persian Gulf. He is glad to be back on land.

The Milius ships out for his third tour sometime in January of 2012 if he isn’t assigned to land duties training new recruits in radar/weapons control at San Diego or Norfolk, Virginia, where he received his training.

Travis is working on his bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering and will pursue that full-time if he doesn’t re-up when the time comes.

Captain Trevor Scott Jackson

Trevor, 29, is a Captain in the U.S. Army, currently deployed to Northern Iraq as an Apache helicopter pilot since March 2011 for a one-year deployment. Trevor went through the ROTC program, and graduated with his bachelor’s degree from Weber State University. He graduated from helicopter flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama in September of 2009 and is currently based out of Fort Hood, Texas. His wife Toni and their four children live at Fort Hood while awaiting his return from deployment. Trevor is currently working on his master’s degree and is planning on making a career in the military.

Trevor and Travis’ grandparents are Barbara and Robert (deceased) Jackson, Las Vegas; Val and Mera Hoyt, Orderville; and Charlie and Darlos Peterson, Kanab. Their parents are Scott and Hollie Jackson, Pleasant View, Utah (formerly of Kanab). All are extremely proud of our boys and their service to our country.