Matt Brown, Economic Development Director, discussed with the Kane County Commissioners various concepts he has been researching. ‘Growing Kane County’s Economic Garden’ is the theme. He is working on eight different integrated programs to build the economy in Kane County. They are:

•BEAR - Business Expansion and Retention.

•KanApp - Foster a cultural environment within the county’s high schools for development of application software (apps) for smart phones.

•WWW - Wild Wired West - Assist Xpressweb in expanding its fiber-optic network throughout Kanab.

•SmallMall, creates marketing opportunities for county businesses to reach local customers and those visiting the area.

•MMM - Maverick Media Makers. Encourage, teach and expose local businesses, hobbyists and students to techniques for creating “new media” that can be viewed online.

•AlumNet - create a network of successful alumni of KHS, VHS and FHS to draw on the talent and experience of men and women who were raised in our area.

•Kiva - An online resource to allow residents and anyone to view or listen to discussions of topics related to economic development in Kane County.

•Eco Develup - Create a complete an in-depth picture of the socio-economic history of the county and the direction its heading. The final one is the number one priority because there have been many changes in the last 30 years. 

By resolution, the certified tax rate at .004442 was adopted. The commission is anticipating a possible tax reduction in September after several reports come in. The annual  Book Mobile contract was approved for $41,094.

The county auditor and a financial consultant are preparing a report for August to help the commission make the tax decision.

The commission discussed a proposed sound system at the Orderville Rodeo Arena. The Lions sound system “fried” at the Demolition Derby. Dave Owens will investigate prices for a good sound system. A system is needed for the upcoming Kane County Fair.

The Army Corps of Engineers have extended the comment period on the amended regulations. The commission will respond on impacts of increased regulation to Kane County.

Another topic of discussion was the mileage rate paid to employees for personal vehicle use between county facilities. They would like employees to use a county vehicle, if one is available.  They also questioned if all trips to facilities around town are necessary with fax, phone and e-mail available.

Dave Owens, Information Technology, updated the commissioners on the wireless system between buildings. It is up and running.

A business license was approved for T & M Lawn Maintenance.

At the MBA, Deputy Sheriff Tracy Glover reported the new Public Safety Facility is 75% completed.