Hospital Administrator Sherrie Pandya gave an update on purchasing the Siemens Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner at the July 5 Kane County Hospital Governing Board meeting. The final and lowest bid was approximately $304,000. Chief Financial Officer Stephen Howells added records show that Siemens has been rated very high in patient safety.

Pandya announced company representatives had visited the hospital to do some preliminary measurements; and some modifications to the room will be needed to accommodate the new machine. A blueprint drawing will be sent to the hospital for review and then forwarded to the state for final approval. Once it has met with the state’s approval, the contract can be signed and the machine ordered. It will take approximately four to six weeks to build and ship the machine.

The Pyxis System, an automated medication-dispensing device, is scheduled for installation on August 22 and the nursing staff/pharmacy training will begin on August 23. A portable X-ray machine has been ordered. The final bid was $27,000.

Kane County Commissioner Jim Matson asked about the relationship between the Kane County Hospital and Southwest Public Health. Administrator Pandya responded that they have a really good partnership. In the past two years, a coalition was formed with the five counties, and they meet on a monthly basis. At this time, there is not an active association with Southwest Mental Health.

Board member Karen Alvey wanted to thank the Hospital Auxiliary for all their hard work on behalf of the hospital. The next Auxiliary meeting is July 20 at 6 p.m. in the hospital conference room. Alvey said it might be nice if some of the hospital board members attended.

Kathleen Salter, representing the Hospital Foundation, announced the auction/dinner was a success and raised a total of $12,000 towards the purchase of the new CT Scanner. The community and foundation also raised $25,000 to purchase hospital bedside chairs. They have been ordered and will be delivered the end of July or first part of August. In celebration, the foundation will be holding a reception at that time to show off the chairs and thank the community for their support.

Salter explained the Hospital Foundation, as a charitable organization, is required to apply for an annual Charitable Solicitation Permit from the State of Utah. Salter learned the foundation is in a different category than the hospital. The application and fee of $100 were submitted to the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Consumer Protection.

As clarification, Administrator Pandya stated the hospital is part of the Special Service District and is independent. The hospital is a government entity, but not officially a 501-C-3 non-profit organization, but they still have the benefits of the 501-C-3 and do not have to pay taxes. 

Salter asked the hospital board members to present possible goals and direction for the foundation’s strategic planning meeting in September.

Karen Alvey suggested next time there was a planned Healthcare Workshop, an informational hand-out be given to each patient visiting the clinic to get the word out.

Director of Human Resources Laurali Noteman announced the resignation of Randy Griffiths, who is an RN and the Director of the Long Term Care Unit. Pandya said advertisements to fill this vacancy have been placed in the local paper for a full-time (32 hours or greater) RN, and also for a full-time Assistant Director of nursing to be crossed trained for both the Long Term Care unit and the Skilled Nursing Facility. So far, they have received two applicants. Pandya indicated they might extend the ad time and place the ad in more Utah papers to have a broader field of applicants.

An electronic time clock has been installed to assist in the new payroll system. The employees are required to clock out and in when taking breaks and lunches, or leaving the facility.

Pandya announced the change in transcription companies. The Softscript Company is hiring two of the hospital’s transcribers as full-time employees with benefits. The advantage to the new system: everything will be done electronically saving the hospital time and money.

Action Items: Pandya gave an update on the Extended Illness Time (EIT) Bereavement Policy. The first sentence of the policy has been changed to clarify that the policy is for an employee’s illness or injury, not a family member.

The berms (raised ground with grass), have been removed from the front of the hospital. The board approved the continued removal of the berms on the southeast and west side of the hospital building.

Pandya discussed the Annual Physician Job Fair held by the University of Utah and recommended that Kane County Hospital participate by paying a $100 fee for a table providing information about our hospital, and what southern Utah has to offer.