The Kane County Commissioners held a special meeting on Friday July 1, 2011 to address the issue of debris removal on Kane County roads that wind their way through the Cedar Mountain/Duck Creek area.

County Road Maintenance Supervisor Bert Harris stressed the fact that Kane County is responsible for the public’s safety traveling county roads.The maintenance department has the responsibility of maintaining over 600 miles of roads in Kane County.

The harsh December 2010 storms caused trees to topple over on to some county roads in the Cedar Mountain area, making them impassable or hazardous. Harris has defined area boundaries for the collection of the debris and put those areas up for outside bidding. At the July 1 public meeting Harris presented sealed bids submitted by five local area contractors to Commissioners Doug Heaton, Jim Matson and Dirk Clayson for their consideration and acceptance. Heaton read aloud the name of each contractor and the bid amount.

The commissioners unanimously agreed upon accepting the lowest bid submitted for each of the five Cedar Mountain areas: #1. Meadow View Heights, #2.  Lost Creek Movie Ranch South, #3. Color Country, #4. Duck Creek Pines, and # 5. Bryce Woodland Estates.

The selected contractors are required to sign a contract stating they will comply with Kane County’s liability guidelines. Harris said work will start on July 11, 2011 and be completed by July 30, 2011.

Harris confirmed the contracts are for nature-caused hazardous conditions/collections only. It is the landowner’s responsibility to dispose of any debris left on their property. He said it is against the law for any resident to put debris on a county road and expect the county to clean it up. If it becomes a public safety situation, the county will take care of the disposal and notify the residents that they will be charged accordingly.

A gravel-crushing contract at the Elbow Pit was assigned to contractor Susan Martin. The “elbow” is approximately eight miles south of Alton near the Glendale and Johnson Canyon Road intersection. It will provide gravel for the county’s current and future road projects.

Matson was given the authority to sign any subordination agreements for Vermillion Cliffs Estates Special Improvement District for the purposes of financing properties as recommended in each case by Kane County Legal Council.