How does a person reach a decorated status for wrestling at the ripe old age of 11? Trey Milligan can attest that it is not an easy job, but a very satisfying experience.

Milligan started wrestling when he was six years old, under the expert supervision of his older brother, Jason Reck. Jason has three boys who were also coached by their dad and had success for the times they were on the mat. Milligan has continued with his father, who is always at the mat coaching his son.

Milligan reaches for every opportunity to meet his opponents, and has traveled to St. George to start the season as early as possible to gain more experience.

As the years have passed with his mat time increasing, Trey’s confidence and strength, plus his experience, have added more to the wrestling experience as he has become quite an impressive competitor. Some fear him, others respect him and don’t really want to face the draw when they see Milligan waiting for the match.

Coach Stubbs from Kanab has welcomed Trey into the wrestling community and has been great support. The wrestling team has virtually taken a fall from Valley’s athletic agenda. Jason Reck would like to assist in coaching again, if the interest in wrestling would somehow be rejuvenated in the Valley Schools. He comes with a lot of personal experience and expertise. He would train in Judo, freestyle wrestling, and collegiate. Those who come on board could gain the experience of meeting other schools like Cedar City, Milford, Panguitch and Piute who have organized wrestling teams. So, like Trey Milligan, if you love the thrill of the sport and have the competitive spirit and want to be a part of the wrestling community, you can find an opportunity to participate.

Milligan was a great state competitor. Numerous wrestlers met in Cedar City where they wrestled for positions of status in the wrestling community. Milligan came out on top once again, as he stood on the podium and received the honor of having the first place medal placed around his neck. The young 11-year old possibly has more medals in his five-year quest than some will ever receive in an entire lifetime.

What does it take to be a competitive wrestler? Determination, diligence and a lot of hard work and practice are necessary ingredients for success.

Congratulations Trey, you have made the community proud. Your example of good works is commendable. Your perseverance stands as a guideline for others in whatever pursuit of life they are trying to achieve. Thank you for being you, and for working hard for something you are dedicated in doing. May you have many more years in the wrestling community and many more medals to decorate your walls. You are one great kid.