Several concerned citizens attended the Town Hall meeting held at the Fredonia Senior Citizen’s Center April 8.  District 1 Supervisor Carl Taylor arrived from Flagstaff to host the meeting.

Taylor introduced himself and explained District 1 covered all the way from Flagstaff to the Utah border.  He informed attendees there are two immediate projects for the district currently in the works. 

First, a website is being designed and when launched, will have a comprehensive business directory.  The site will allow local businesses to create a link to their own sites and will assist consumers in finding local vendors. 

Second, a workshop is being developed to assist local business owners in bidding on government jobs.  It would teach how to become qualified and stay current for a better opportunity to get the jobs.

The meeting was opened up to questions and concerns.  Local entrepreneur, Sandy Johnson, had concerns regarding ADOT and Motor Vehicle.  Johnson was very upset that in order to test for a commercial driver’s license, individuals had to travel to Flagstaff.  To get license plates for large commercial trucks, they have to go to Phoenix.  “Northern Arizona doesn’t stop in Flagstaff,” he stated. 

Johnson offered a reasonable solution to Taylor. Possibly monthly or by appointment a tester could come this way.  He felt even Page would be a better option than Flagstaff.   Mayor Dixie Judd supported Johnson is his concern, “There are people that need to drive a big vehicle and it’s just not feasible.” 

Taylor requested the contact information of the people Judd and Johnson had spoke with on the issues.  He felt those contacts would be a good starting point for him to work on a mutually beneficial solution.

The issue of uranium mining was then brought forth.  Taylor told attendees the county supervisors signed Resolution 2008-09 opposing mining and exploration on the Tusayan Ranger District and on lands managed by the BLM in House Rock Valley.  He explained it was not an opposition to mining in the Kanab Creek area, nor in Mohave County. 

When asked if the County Supervisors supported mining in the area, Taylor said that they didn’t oppose it.  When asked how his support could be acquired, he again expressed he just didn’t oppose it.  It was made clear to Taylor that the community’s economic viability is hanging in the balance because of the uranium mining issues. 

After a lengthy discussion, Taylor decided to end the debate over the issue for the evening, reiterating that he did not oppose uranium mining in the area.

Finally Taylor offered to bring other county department heads to future Town Hall meetings to discuss other areas of concern for the community.  He thanked everyone in attendance.