The first two swim meets of the Fredonia Killer Whale team have shown great suspense and a lot of smiles.

The first meet of the season had the Whales competing with Dixie, Southern Utah Swimmers Association, and Bullhead City. Tension was high when new team members Dustin and Dylan Bistline both dived into the water from opposite ends of the pool during their relay. A head-on collision was luckily avoided!

On Saturday, June 18, Fredonia raced against the Mesquite Manta Rays. Although the team was welcomed as the Whale Killers, the Mesquite team soon found out just how fast Killer Whales could swim.

The following Fredonia Killer Whales took first place in the two meets: Butterfly - Cameron Nez, Taft Ballard, Erika Nez, Justin Finicum, Bailey Anderson and Kaden Finicum; Backstroke - Ethan Raddatz, Shilton Begay, Hunter Anderson, Melonie Mudrow, Zac Waite, Bailey Anderson, and Drew Griffiths; Breast Stroke - Johna Lukus, Alan Raddatz, Zac Waite, Lauren Vallone and Drew Griffiths; Freestyle - Ethan Raddatz, Cameron Nez, Taft Ballard, Mariah Mudrow, Hunter Anderson, Melonie Mudrow, Justin Finicum, Kristen Heaton and Kaden Finicum; Individual Medley - McKenna Raddatz, Taft Ballard, Erika Nez, Justin Finicum and Kaden Finicum; Freestyle Relay - Lexi Lukus, Tyler Nez, Cameron Nez, McKenna Raddatz, Shilton Begay, Matthew Cutchen, Dustin Bistline, Taft Ballard, Johna Lukus, Mariah Mudrow, Aly Heaton, Erika Nez, Marissa Clitso, Marina Bowman, Erika Nez, Melonie Mudrow, Zac Waite, Alan Raddatz, Shane Griffiths and Justin Finicum; Medley Relays - Fredonia Killer Whales took first place in each age category.

Whale Killers beware! The Killer Whales are on the hunt for their fourth championship title in a row.