Former Kane County Deputy Attorney William Bernard filed a notice of claim against the county on June 13, 2011. He is being represented by the Salt Lake firm Rawson and Goff, PLLC.

According to the document, “Claimant has suffered injury, including damages including “front pay” in excess of $1 million, and other actual, consequential and punitive damages to be determined by a jury. Additionally, for those self-executing provisions of the Utah Constitution and for provisions of Utah law that are unconstitutional on its face and as applied, for injunctive and declaratory relief to prevent similarly situated disabled persons from suffering as Claimant has.”

Bernard served Kane County as Deputy Attorney for approximately three years. He was hired by Kane County Attorney Jim Scarth. In the June 22, 2010 primary election, Bernard ran for the Kane County Attorney position.

The complaint concerns issues against the County of Kane through its Attorney Jim Scarth, in his individual and official capacity. Other government employees and private citizens have been named in the suit, but have yet to be served.