On Friday June 10, 2011, around 10:30 a.m. (Utah time) we were on a trip to the North Rim. About 10 miles north of Jacob Lake, we saw this tower of black smoke, and both southbound and northbound traffic lanes were stopped. We were about three cars back in the southbound lane, since the accident was on a curve we couldn’t see too far ahead, but learned a truck had just turned over and was on fire. The truck was traveling north going down a 6% grade with a curving road and turned over. I couldn’t find out the reason. We were told one fuel tank had exploded and was burning.

Firetrucks from Fredonia, Kanab and the Forest Service were on the scene, as well as the team from Kanab Fire and Rescue. The Kane County ambulance transported the driver to the hospital emergency room. Reportedly the driver was not seriously injured. The firefighters quickly put out the fire to prevent it from spreading. Arizona Department of Transportation directed traffic. Traffic was stalled about 45 minutes. ADOT was afraid the truck’s other fuel tank might explode causing injuries to travelers.

When traffic resumed, we were not allowed to stop. As we passed the scene, Ed Sheridan took the pictures from the car. Apparently the tires and fiberglass products in the trailer had burned causing the black smoke.

Information obtained from Nick Ramsay, whose company towed the wreckage: the license plate was burned; the number on the trailer was traced to Design Transport Company. Nick said the 18-wheel panel trailer was hauling a load of fiberglass outdoor tables and chairs/benches and there was nothing left of the trailer or the truck.