On personnel issues, the Kane County Commission approved, as a state requirement, the certification of the Utah Retirement Systems’ rate increase from 13.37% to 13.77% for the non-contributory effective July 1, 2011.

Robert Houston was appointed as restaurant representative to the Kane County Tourism and Tax Advisory Board.

The commission approved moving a 20 foot refrigeration container from Orderville to Kanab.  With remodeling, Orderville doesn’t need it and Kanab Care and Share does for more storage.

With one respondent to the professional financial RFP, Gil Miller, Economic Association of Utah, Inc. was approved for $17,000.

A legal agreement with Holland and Hart was approved. This is an agreement with Shawn Welch on roads litigation. Welch has represented Kane County for several years and recently changed firms. The approval was subject to review by the county attorney.

Kane County Commission Chair Doug Heaton was assigned to execute a re-conveyance in Duck Creek Pines, Lot #126, pending Lou Pratt’s review and recommendation.

The need for a county posting policy was discussed. Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson told the commissioners that with new county buildings, “We need to identify who is responsible for posting, with some county changes there are some loopholes.”

Commissioner Dirk Clayson commented, “If this policy is more than a page, we’ve failed.” 

Rhonda Gant was assigned to develop a county-wide policy for acceptable things that can be posted for the county and the community.  She will work with the Kane County Attorney.

Work meeting agendas were discussed. Is one needed for work meetings? Kane County Attorney Jim Scarth said the public has a right to know. It was decided to add to the work meeting agenda, ‘Other Business’ for public input.

Commissioner Jim Matson suggested that the format of work meetings be more of a round table with elected officials for more input, and then other business.

A business license for a taco stand was finally approved for Rudy Delapaz in Duck Creek.  The beer license however, will need local and state approval. The current beer license cannot be transferred to a different location and a different business. A beer license required a separate application.

Another business license approved was Relax Ranch Massage.