The Fredonia Town Council began with public comment by Patrick Lair, North Kaibab Ranger District. Lair informed the council the U.S. Forest Service had released the environmental assessment (EA) for the North Kaibab Travel Management Plan. Lair invited the council to meet regarding the plan. The tentative meeting is scheduled for June 14, 2011 at 5:30 p.m.

The first item on the agenda was the lease contract for the Fredonia Medical Center.  Mark Overas was on hand as a representative of Canyonland Community Health for negotiations. Overas explained to the council that the clinic is “here to stay,” despite the idol threats made by the Canyonland’s chair during the suit for past-due utilities. Overas expressed he would like to begin the 10 year lease agreement at $750 per month plus utilities, with a 3% increase annually.

The council discussed the value of the building and the need to begin a contingency fund to take care of maintenance costs. They agreed that the clinic provides a much-needed service and despite the low rental rate, it is more than was collected previously because they were basically using the building for free.

The council voted to put the heat pump unit/installation and roof/ceiling repairs out to bid for the Medical Center.

The council next ratified the decision to use Mark Baron as the interim magistrate.  They agreed to use him three hours per week on contract until the new magistrate is hired. 

The council next discussed the upcoming Fourth of July celebration. Sonya Kimball suggested the event take place on Saturday, July 2, so the community can enjoy an entire day of festivities. This would also allow Kanab to participate and Fredonia to enjoy Kanab’s festivities as well. 

Demand meters were then discussed. In 2008, an audit revealed that demand rates were not being charged to those customers with demand meters. During the recent audit, it was discovered that this problem had not been rectified. In researching how to move forward with the charges, it was also discovered that all commercial accounts should be required to have demand meters. The council requested more information regarding the increased costs to commercial customers prior to making a decision, tabling the issue until such information was available.