Rich Csenge, Amazing EarthFest Founder, explained his program to the commissioners at the May 9 Kane County Commission meeting. Amazing Earthfest is a community celebration of National and State Parks, National Forests, Monuments and Public Lands of the Colorado Plateau.

The program features education and learning, scientific discoveries, ecological understanding, resource management, recreation, cultural heritage and arts and entertainment. The program has reached out to public area specialists.

Csenge said this is the fifth year of Amazing Earthfest and added, “I am very proud of volunteers. This area holds natural wonders that are world class.”

When asked does Earthfest cross purposes of Kane County, Csenge responded, “We are attempting to be as balanced as possible.”

Attendance for various events has grown each year. All events are free except entertainment.  The commissioners responded, “Multiple use is our goal.”

Commissioner Dirk Clayson suggested the commission could use help for another point of view. An example cited was the effects of prescribed burns such as pollution, death of small animals, etc. Along those lines, better landscape management and responsible timbering were discussed.

When speaking about the Warm Fire devastation, Commissioner Jim Matson said, “If anybody but the federal government had been responsible for that fire, they would be in prison.”

Commissioner Doug Heaton expressed his concern that “many of the documentaries are one-sided and emotional.”

The commissioners accepted Csenge’s invitation to view some of the documentaries. Csenge thanked them for suggestions and offered to work with commission concerns in the future.

The commission approved a proclamation in support of the Amazing Earthfest. Csenge said that the proclamation sets a tone for tourism and visitation to Kane County.

In other business, the commissioners voted to sign and execute the FEEP custodial agreements between Kane County and local fire departments throughout Kane County. These are the same terms Kane County has with the federal government for excess fire equipment.

Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson and Kane County Treasurer Georgia Baca went over parcels slated for the May 26 tax sale. “This is an unusual year. It is a reflection of the economy and result of the recession.” 

There are more parcels than normal on the tax sale and although notified by certified mail, the county is not hearing back from a large number of those parcel owners whose land is on the tax sale. “When people give up their land lines and go to cell phones, we can’t find them, especially if they move without a forwarding address,” said Johnson.

The commission also approved a Quit Claim Deed for a 1933 tax sale. The taxes were paid and the county deeded a small parcel back to owners, releasing the county of any interest. Taxes were done differently in 1933.

The commission approved specifications on how the county would handle $366, 755 grant money received for a 911 grant. A portion is destined for the new Public Safety Facility answering and dispatch equipment.

The commissioners congratulated the Women’s Wii Bowling team for winning the national championship and the Men’s Wii bowling team for taking third in the nation.

Karla Johnson and the commissioners went over the details in a Request for Proposal (RFP) on Financial Planning Assistance. Although the commissioners receive all of the information monthly from the clerk/auditor, they are finding they want the information in a more business and public friendly format that includes historical trends and future forecasts. 

Commissioner Clayson maintained this is in no way negative toward county personnel and thanked Johnson for going above and beyond to facilitate their needs.

A business license was approved for Duck Creek Rock and Souvenir Shop.

During the Municipal Building Authority portion of the meeting, Deputy Tracy Glover indicated they want to advertise now for bids to pave the Kaneplex Road. The Sheriff’s Office has put together a transition team for the move to the new facility.

The RFP for the fair building was awarded to TC Engineering for the low bid. Tom Avant, TC Engineering, was present to discuss various prices, building codes, ways to cut expenses and possible funding sources for the building.