The Fredonia Town Council began with public comment from Sondra Bistline. Bistline stated she had heard about the Forest Service Travel Management plan and wondered if there was cause for concern.

Council member Brent Mackelprang replied, “Every citizen in this community should be very concerned with any decision made by the federal government.” He went on to explain that the Forest Service had denied the town coordination status regarding the plan.

Bistline said it was the public comment period for the plan and wondered if it would do any good to comment. 

Mackelprang encouraged her and everyone in the community to comment. He explained that most public comments on this project actually come from special interest groups and people who have never even been to the area, so local input is vital.

Next, Mackelprang requested the office research previous council minutes for him. He stated he thought about the decision made at the last meeting regarding the marshal and town manager position and seemed to recall the former council had made a decision that the manager could not also be a department head. He asked that the decision be researched so the council could review.

Town Manager Dan Watson reported on the water project. He explained the contractors were finishing and working on the punch list.

Next, he updated the council on the bid bond for the tank project. Previously, they believed the bond to be fraudulent. After further research, it has been determined that it is not fraudulent, but more of a clerical error by the bond company. Watson now feels it is between the construction company, the insurance company and Sunrise Engineering to figure out how the town can collect the $12,271.54 on the bond.

Watson explained the recent power outage was caused by a faulty insulator, which formed an arc, frying the transformer.  It is now imperative that the town change out the transformer, which the council had voted on previously. 

The council moved onto the agenda items. Mark Overas submitted his resignation as Planning and Zoning chair. Mayor Heaton asked that the opening be advertised, so those interested could submit letters of interest.

The council next accepted the resignation of Mitch Kalauli as Magistrate. They expressed their appreciation for his dedication to the community. He will be missed. The council approved the posting of the position.

Heidi Koeller, court trainer from Flagstaff, approached the council regarding the severity of not having a judge. She explained that on Thursday at 4 p.m., Kalauli would no longer be Magistrate. The town must have a judge.

The council requested Watson to speak with Judge Heaton and Judge Baron to see if they may fill in until a new Magistrate could be appointed.

The possibility of a new rental contract for the medical center was discussed. Watson stated he had been negotiating with Mark Overas regarding the contract and they proposed $750 plus utilities with an automatic 3% increase each year. The council requested research be done to be sure the low rental amount was enough to cover costs and start a repair and maintenance fund for the building.

Mandy Grover was chosen for the pool manager position for 2011, with Josh Finicum as assistant. Lifeguards and pool cleaners were also approved for the season.

Town contract services had recently been put out to bid. The council reviewed the proposals and voted as follows: the contract for propane was given to low bidder, Coast Gas.  Summer Softball director to Randi Utter and Derran (Hoss) Tait. Pool supplies/maintenance and repair awarded to Shawn Warner. Bulk fuel to Jenkins Oil. Janitorial services to Sonya Kimball. HVAC to Jimeco. Port-a-potties to RD Enterprises.

Justin Mackelprang and Jacob Weber were approved as the newest members of the volunteer fire department.

The town vehicle policy was discussed again. Watson stated he had made the changes the council had requested, including a reference to the law enforcement policy. 

Watson stated council member Alvy Johnson had requested he add that all Public Works employees be required to obtain and maintain valid Commercial Driver’s Licenses. Watson said he made the change. The council decided to give all Public Works employees six months to get their CDLs beginning June 1, 2011. Watson stated he would give a copy of the new policy to each of the employees.

The council then discussed the welcome center/museum Dixon Spendlove is working on. Watson stated Spendlove is currently a little over $15,000, and believes he can finish it with an additional $5,000.

Alvin Johnson asked where the money is coming from. Watson stated it would have to come out of contingency funds.

Jennifer Lukus stated she felt it was a lot of money, but it would be difficult to not finish the project.

Mackelprang felt it was the best use of that area and building.

Town Clerk TinaMarie Horlacher expressed her concern, however, stating that every other department had ceased spending and had worked very hard to work under the limited funding. 

The council authorized an additional $5,000 for the museum.