The Kane County Hospital (KCH) Board meeting was held on May 3, 2011 with Chairperson Dottie Ratzlaff presiding and all members present.      

Kathleen Salter, representing the Hospital Foundation – a volunteer organization, announced the success of their Fall Fund Campaign to raise $25,000 towards the purchase of Acute Care hospital chairs for the patient’s rooms. The campaign started in October 2010 and ended April 2011. Kane County Hospital Administrator Sherrie Pandya has placed the order for 10 chairs complete with bedding. “The chairs are for family and friends of hospital patients who wish to spend the night with their loved ones in their room,” said Salter.

Salter added the credit for the success of the project goes to the people of Kane County for their support and generosity. Chairperson Ratzlaff complemented Salter and the entire Hospital Foundation Organization in their efforts on behalf of KCH.

Salter also said to save the date of June 4. The Foundation will be hosting a Community of Caring Dinner as a kickoff for their new campaign to raise another $25,000 towards the purchase of a new CT scanner. There will be a social hour, catered dinner, entertainment, and live and silent auctions. Donated items will be greatly appreciated. Salter invited all the board members to attend. Tickets are $50. Invitations will be mailed to various members of the community, with a goal of approximately 180 people to be in attendance.

Pandya reported the hospital has received updated bids on the Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner. The CT is a specialized X-ray machine that allows doctors to see cross-sectional images (slices) of your body. Pandya’s report included the need to replace the 18-year old processor that develops the X-ray film and had stopped working. Since they can no longer get parts to repair it, the decision was made to switch to digital processing.

Pandya recommended the purchase of a portable X-ray machine to better serve the patients. Employees of the Radiology Department were in the audience to show support of the purchase of the new equipment. The board approved all of Pandya’s recommendations. 

Human Resources Director Laurali Noteman announced the employees Hospital Wellness Program had started. The program gives full-time employees an incentive to reduce their insurance contribution. So far, there are total of 71 participants: including spouses, full-time and part-time employees. Part-time employees were invited to attend, but are unable to receive a benefit to payroll. 

Noteman discussed the Health Fair portion of the Wellness Program. There were 102 listed employees who received total compensation packets explaining exactly what their earning and benefits were. Sixty employees participated in the Health Fair.

Noteman reported the approved employee background checks would begin with the five newly hired employees.

Chief Financial Officer Stephan Howells reported the hospital in March was doing slightly better than budgeted. There has been an increase in in-patient services and a decline in out-patient services. 

Pandya and Howells attended the Utah Hospitals and Health Systems Association meeting in April. Former Governor Leavitt was the keynote speaker. He spoke about healthcare reform and the changes healthcare providers are going to be faced with. Howells said healthcare reform will happen no matter who is in office, due to population growth and needs. Pandya said the focus is going to be on performance and quality. 

Pandya informed the board on the inactivity of the ambulance previously used on Cedar Mountain. It hasn’t been used or licensed for the last two years. The Kanab Fire Department would like to use it as an additional turnout truck. They would take over the title and obtain the license. It was the board’s unanimous decision to donate the ambulance to the Kanab Fire Department.