Four Valley High School students were awarded a trip to Nashville, Tennessee by winning the State FCCLA Conference competition in Parliamentary Procedure. The students were trained by Tamra Hildreth and Brett Lamb. 

Team members, Bryce Whiteley, Kami Emery, Kelin Emery, Tavez Emery and three chaperones will be making their way to Nationals July 10-17.  Until then they will continue their training and earning money to pay their way.

 The cost for this honor averages about $1000.00 per person.  The Long Valley FCCLA Chapter will be fundraising at game concessions, goody sales, hand crafted items for sale, pizza sales, and open to any opportunity that comes their way. 

The State FCCLA and the District Vocational Department will offer some help but we have a long way to go to reach our needs.

 We are appealing to the community, organizations, and businesses to contribute anything they can to help us attend and extend southern Utah spirit at Nationals.

 If you can support our cause, we would greatly appreciate it.  Please send your contribution to Valley High School PO Box 128, Orderville, UT  84758 or call the school at 435-648-2278 and we will pick it up.  Thank You