Kanab High School hosted Region 13 Drama competition on Thursday, March 24. Region 13 Representative Linda Alderman organized the event for the schools participating.  

It was a wonderful day that started with rehearsals. As drama students from all over southwestern Utah started to show up, the electricity in the atmosphere grew until all were present and the One Act Plays were being performed.

Following were Musical Theatre Presentations, lunch, and finally Individual Events. The entire day went smoothly. At 6:30 p.m. we had our awards assembly in the auditorium.

Congratulations KHS Drama students. Because of your high scores, you finished second place in region, second only to a school with a drama program twice your size. Good job!

Winners of the individual events: our One Act Play received second place. Joshua Barton won Best Actor and David Kirby was named Best Supporting Actor.

In Contemporary Scenes, Johannah Bowman, Kayla Chavez and Marissa Anderson received a superior and will be going to state.

In Classical Scenes, Kim Schauwecker and Maddie Holland received a superior, as did first place medal winner Brooke Barber and Christi Cox. Both scenes will be going to state.

In Humorous Monologues, Kelsey Jackson made it to medal rounds. She, Joshua Barton and Hannah Hegwood will all be going to State.

In Dramatic Monologues, Judah Evangelista made it to the medal round and received a second place. He and Hannah Zweifel, Kylie Owens and Lexie Cox will all be going to state. To go to state, you must have superior scores.

Kyle Clarkson and Chris Nielson received a second place medal and will also go to state.

In Musical Theatre, McKenna Terry and Landon Croteau will be singing “16 Going On 17” at state,. Judah Evangelista and Josh Barton will perform their rendition of “Agony” from “Into The Woods.”