Monday was an exciting day in Fredonia as the Reader’s Digest “We Hear You America” crew rolled into town.  The iconic magazine recently held a nationwide online competition where towns and cities competed for the most “Cheers.” The towns receiving the most “Cheers” at the end of the competition received funding for a community project. With the help of friends, family and neighboring communities, Fredonians really made the crew take notice by placing 25th in the competition. 

The town was excited to find out that Reader’s Digest added Fredonia to their tour of the United States. They were even more excited to find out a check for $1,000 was to be presented during their visit. 

Jay, Jason and Mike arrived Monday morning in the big tour RV (which is being given away at the end of the trip.) They were greeted with coffee, muffins and cake made fresh by Sonya Kimball, Fredonia Senior Center Director. The students from the Fredonia Headstart, as well as many community and town council members made their way to the Town Hall to meet the travelers and witness the check presentation.

Mayor Scott Heaton accepted the check, expressing his gratitude to Reader’s Digest and to those who cheered.

After the presentation, the crew walked across the street to see Dixon Spendlove’s remarkable Native American artifact collection. Spendlove offered the grand tour and informed them that the Welcome Center is in the process of being converted into a museum to house the enormous collection.

Next on the agenda was a trip to the park to see why the community was so passionate about cheering, but rain and snow moved things to the Fredonia High School. The school band welcomed Jay, Jason and Mike with a fantastic array of songs. Students from the elementary, middle and high school filled the gym to thank Reader’s Digest for their contribution. The local Boy Scouts presented the flags and students presented thank you cards and signs. 

During the presentation, the audience was informed that Reader’s Digest is holding another “We Hear You America” competition. The previous $40,000 winner, Grand Marais, Michigan, is a town of only 300 people, which seemed to inspire the students. If they can do it, so can we! They were encouraged to get their friends and family “Cheering” for Fredonia at

An enormous thank you to Reader’s Digest, Jay, Jason and Mike for spending the morning with us and contributing $1,000 to our park. Thank you to the Fredonia Headstart and Fredonia Schools teachers, administration, students, parents and aides for their hard work to make the visit special. Thank you to Sonya Kimball for her delicious baked goods. Thank you to Dixon Spendlove for sharing his beautiful collection. And thank you to everyone who cheered to make it happen!