Arthro Antonio Cordova Cisneros, is definitely one of a kind, and Kane County Hospital is glad he is on our team.

Cisneros was born in Denver, Colorado. He lost his mom at age five and his father soon followed when Cisneros was nine years old.

He lived with relatives most of the time, but on occasion would travel to California to stay with his grandparents.

"That''s where I learned about the good things in life," Cisneros quipped. "They taught me about birthdays and holidays. They encouraged me to always be the best I could be."

 Well, his grandparents did a great job. Cisneros greets employees and patients alike - with warmth and his unbridled enthusiasm for life.

In Denver, he worked as a Nurse''s Assistant. He found the girl of his dreams working in the same nursing facility. Carol, the target of his affections, found work at a different location and he followed.

Cisneros watched her getting in an elevator at work and while the doors were closing he yelled out to her, "I''m gonna marry you some day!"

Her response, "You''re crazy." (By the way, every once in a while you still hear Carol answer Art, "You''re crazy".) They started dating two months later.

The couple and their two sons moved to Fredonia in 2000, and four months later moved into their own home at the Kaibab Village. His daughter remained in Colorado, which gives him a great excuse to visit friends and family.

Cisneros loves all sports and excelled in cross-country track at Artesia High School. He is particularly fond of the Denver Broncos. He enjoys music, plays the guitar and can be heard singing one-liners in the hallways.

The Colorado fan began employment at KCH on August 2, 2000. He takes specific pride in his work. "The staff encourages me with compliments about my work," Cisneros expressed. "I am glad to work here. I enjoy talking with staff members and patients."

He brings a spark of life to the Kane County Hospital. His exuberance is shared and infectious. Its the kind of attitude that makes you want to smile and join in the singing.