Trey Kalauli of Moccasin, AZ, proved his incredible spelling abilities once again at the Coconino County Spelling Bee in February. After winning the Fredonia/Moccasin School District Spelling Bee for the third year in a row, Kalauli moved on to the county competition. 

The competition started with 22 fourth through eighth graders. By the 15th round, the intense competition had eliminated all but Kalauli and two eighth graders. Kalauli held his own against the two eighth graders, who had won the county bee the last three years. Spelling words like “impetuous”, “dressage” and “epiphany.”   

Twenty-two grueling rounds later, Kalauli misspelled “tachometer.” The incredible fifth grader knew the moment he did, but it was too late. He secured third place through his hard work, tenacity and amazing spelling abilities.

Last year he placed fourth, moving up from the prior year (when he placed eighth, as a third grader!) At this rate, Kalauli is the sure favorite to win next year!

Congratulations Trey, you’ve made our community very proud!