The Fredonia Town Council meeting opened last week with public comment by council member Jennifer Lukus. 

Lukus stated the little league fields, park and softball fields will be used again soon and asked about their maintenance to prepare them for the season. Public works employee Trever Lathim explained the department was currently planning the seeding, fertilization and aeration of the properties.

The first agenda item addressed changes in the volunteer fire department personnel. Brett LeClair was accepted as the newest volunteer firefighter. The position of chief was discussed. Harris Allen was present. Allen explained last March, Mark Overas came to him and requested to be chief to work on department issues, including the ISO audit issues. 

At that time, Overas said he would remain chief for one year and then return the position to Allen. Over the last year, many changes have been made and procedures implemented to improve the department. It is now time to return the position to Allen. Overas will remain with the department as Captain. 

Town Manager Dan Watson said the department would be re-evaluated in six months. The council unanimously approved the change.

Watson informed the council of Dixon Spendlove’s progress at the welcome center. The labor has all been volunteer, but he has gone over the first $2500 previously approved. Watson said this overage had been anticipated, and now Spendlove was seeking the next $2500. Lukus asked where in the budget the funds were being taken from. Watson stated that had not really been discussed. 

Town Clerk Tina Marie Horlacher explained there was $3000 budgeted for the welcome center that had not been used because of the closure. The council agreed the project was a worthy one and could greatly benefit the community. The increased funding for the museum was unanimously approved.

Watson next proposed a town vehicle policy. The policy included regular maintenance and rules regarding employee driving records. It stated non-employee passengers were not allowed in town vehicles, other than law enforcement vehicles, unless there for official town business. It also stated no animals, other than law enforcement, were allowed in town vehicles. 

The council discussed the policy and determined they needed to make a few changes prior to approval.

The council approved changes to the fee schedule, which had been posted for 60 days prior to the meeting. Some changes were: a $5 fee added for delinquency letters sent out monthly, $5 fee for notary services (no real estate documents), copy fees reduced from $.25 to $.10, up to 30 pages, the sign permit fee of $25 was added, etc.. The full fee schedule is available at the town office.

The council approved the prioritized list of projects discussed at the earlier public hearing to CDBG, as well as the resolution to request funding.

The council received three letters of interest for the council seat left vacant by Cody Judd. Antone Giovanini, Ty Bundy and Alvy Johnson each expressed interest in the seat, which will be up for election in the spring of 2012. The council truly appreciated the interest and discussed how involved Alvy Johnson has been in the town and council meetings for some time. They decided Johnson, because of his involvement and knowledge of current and upcoming projects, would be a good person to fill the seat.