Boys State, both national and statewide and sponsored by the American Legion, is the “finest” program for young men in this entire nation.

It is entirely fitting Kanab High School has selected four of its very “finest” to represent Kane County in this year’s event in Salt Lake City in June.

American Legion Post 69 and the Kanab’s Lion Club will divide costs and combine together this year to send four, not the usual two, to the most patriotic of all programs designed to develop and strengthen the young men of this great land. This is wonderful.

Picking only two among these four gentlemen would mean setting aside two fine a young leaders as is possible to find in one small Utah town. Good thinking Post 69 and Lions Club.

At Boys State they learn about the workings of government, being leaders themselves, and the glory in the history of this most free of all nations nurtured under the hands of God.

These four stalwart young men stand tall among their classmates at Kanab High School, the home of the Cowboys. These four are, indeed, extraordinary!

Selected for Boys State are Blaine Allen, Aaron Downward, Matt Vaughn and Dustin Reidhead Blaine. Blaine Allen is  the Cowboy mascot and a virtual virtuoso. He can make his violin dance like the feet of a member of Riverdance and adds his mellow voice to X-Press’s magic. He is the son of Wendy and Stewart Allen.

Aaron Downward is as all-around as one person can get. He wrestles, sings, plays his violin like a master, and is in every school activity imaginable. He is the son of Richard and Sherrie Downward.

Matt Vaughn stands tall mentally, as well as physically. He heads up the Student Government, sings for X-Press and runs cross-country and track. He is the son of Jeff and Wendy Vaughn.

Dustin Reidhead is the son of Angie and Duke Reidhead. He plays football and baseball, and strums a mean guitar.

These are four exceptionally fine and talented young men who will fit well into Boys State where only the finest attend.

Aaron, Blaine, Matt and Dustin, you will bring credit and huge respect for Kanab High School. Go with our blessings!