Kane County Land Use Authority Administrator Gary Smith submitted his letter of resignation to the attention of Commissioner Douglas K. Heaton, who oversees the LUA, and to Commissioners Matson and Clayson with an effective date of February 25, 2011.

Smith has been the LUA Administrator since 2006. In October of 2010, he officially, at his choice, went to part-time status. Some of his responsibilities include reviewing and processing all applications pertaining to County Land Use permits, conditional uses, lot line adjustments, parcel joinders, plat amendments, subdivisions and zone changes.

Other duties include researching legal issues through either state code, local ordinances, reviewing bonds, escrow accounts and/or irrevocable letters of credit for compliance; visits to proposed development sites; preparing reports for LUA Commission review; preparing revisions to the lane use ordinances and subdivision ordinances. 

Smith said the basis of his decision was a general “lack of communication with his immediate supervisor.” He therefore thought it would be in everyone’s best interest to resign as administrator.