Part of the six million dollar water project currently under construction in Fredonia is a new 15 million gallon reservoir.  The new reservoir is similar in capacity to the existing one, but with a key design difference.  The new one is actually deeper, so less water is exposed which means less evaporation.

The new reservoir will allow Fredonia to store excess water collected in the winter months to help make it through the drier summer months. During the summer when the need is greater, water can be pumped from the new reservoir to the new treatment facility, then into the storage tanks and through the distribution system.

The reservoir is currently being lined with a textured HDPE liner.  According to Russ Funk of Sunrise Engineering, this liner will “keep the stored water from infiltrating into the soil below.”  The liner will be covered by 12- inches of soil to protect it from damage. In order to protect against erosion, riprap will be placed along the slopes.

Recent weather has posed challenges to the construction of the reservoir. They first postponed laying the liner because of moisture. It seemed things had dried, but as the frost melted, it became apparent there was still a substantial amount of moisture as the soil gave way under heavy equipment.  Crews worked quickly ahead of the contractors laying the liner, pulling out the saturated soil and replacing it with dry.

Public Works Director Jay Mackelprang hopes to have the new reservoir online by spring so it can be filled to help secure the town’s water supply through the summer. The project should be completed by the end of March or beginning of April.