The Kane County Commission adopted a new meeting schedule effective immediately. The action meetings scheduled the second and fourth Mondays of the month will remain the same. In addition, the first and third Mondays will be a work meeting. If Monday is a holiday, they will meet the following Tuesday for work meetings.  All meetings will begin at 10 a.m. They are all public meetings.

The commission approved a request by the North Rim Regulators to close the gun range north of town on May 21 for the annual Cowboys vs. Cops Shootout, and on August 18, 19 and 20 for the annual Western Legends Cowboy Shoot.

Jerry Triebold discussed a possible road closure between Swain and Willis Subdivisions. The road is used as a short cut between Strawberry and Duck Creek. It is an issue because the county considers the road closed during the snow season. The concern is the safety issue because of steep, icy, blind corners and a narrow passage (not wide enough for two vehicles). The road is platted as a possible alternative to a forest right of way. 

After discussing several possible options, the commission moved to put signs on the road alerting safety concerns, and to direct the Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District to manage and maximize safety during the winter months.  

The commission approved a commercial vehicle exemption letter for oversize and overweight trucks on county roads. This involves gravel hauling construction vehicles.  Commissioner Doug Heaton is authorized to deal with each case. The code says a vehicle must have the exemption letter with them if they are stopped on county roads.

The annual District Court contract for $108,000 was adopted. This includes rental and operations.

The commission heard a flood damage survey report. The Orderville and Glendale water lines were washed out. The National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) grant will help with erosion and flood control. The road damage in Stout Canyon does not qualify for grant assistance. The NRCS grant was approved.

The commission approved Resolution 2011-4, which amends the Kane County Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) and Special HRA. The change is for an individual deductible instead of the entire family and reduces restrictions, which are too high. The program is already funded.

The commission repealed the Recreation and Transportation SSD action, which was approved at the previous meeting.

A 60-year lease agreement between the National Park Service and Kane County Sheriff’s Office was approved for the living quarters and substation in Bullfrog.

After much investigation with state and other agencies, Michael Kane, Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, discovered they can replace their sign if the commission removes the segment from the State Scenic Highway designation on the highway.

In 2008, Scenic Bi-way mandated removal of signs. Federal Scenic Bi-ways have more restriction than State Scenic Bi-ways. The commission voted to remove the segment from the State Scenic Bi-way designation to allow for placement of the Zion Ponderosa Resort sign. Kane said the number one complaint since the sign was removed, is people cannot find the resort.

The commission approved a revision of Chapter 1 in the Land Use Ordinance.  The addition is a definition of a park model. A recreation park trailer does not meet HUD requirements like manufactured homes.

Also approved was a revision of the Kane County Land Use Zoning map. It reflects the new R-1 zone. The new map will be online and is more accurate. All three commissioners said it is a work in progress and it is great to have a more accurate map.

At the Municipal Building Authority meeting, the Bullfrog lease with the Park Service was approved. 

The courthouse dormer project had a change order. No change orders unless first approved by the commission. There was a discussion of rearranging offices once the sheriff and jail move to the new facility.

Outlets and circuit breakers are needed where the county voting machines are stored.

An update on the USDA loan is that it still has not closed. Commissioners Dirk Clayson and Jim Matson expressed concern and wanted to know what the holdup is. The loan has been held up for four months. They assure the county the loan is committed. The county has done everything required.  Commissioner Clayson, MBA Chairman, will do some investigating.