Vice Chairman Tony Chelewski and Kane County Commissioner Douglas Heaton welcomed new Land Use Authority Commission members Harold Hamblin, Robert Houston and Dale Spencer to the February 9, LUA meeting. During the meeting, the members elected Tony Chelewski as Chairman and Dale Spencer as Vice Chairman. 

Legislative Public Hearing: LUA Administrator Gary Smith presented and explained the revised Kane County Zoning Map with different colors indicated for each zone. The LUA staff has been working with the State Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in compiling the information.

The LUA employed engineers Dan Thebeau, of TC Engineering, to compile information in the southern half of the county, and Rosenberg Associates to do the northern half defining all the parcels and at the same time including the zoning information. Smith commented this is the first time the county has had a comprehensive revision in four or five years. The map shows the parcels/standards based on the current land use ordinances with all the proper zones indicated.

Smith said Lou Pratt of the Kane County GIS Transportation Department put a lot of effort towards inputting the proper information on the computer PDF file for public access. Smith said the map could be updated as needed to allow for county zone changes and parcel joinders. The map will be on display at the courthouse Kane County Commission meeting room and at the office of the LUA. 

Legislative: Public Hearing Request For Vacating Or Amending A Subdivision Plat. Tom Avant, of TC Engineering, appeared on behalf of Zion Mountain Land Holdings, LLC. Avant explained that originally the subdivision was designed for 52 lots, but due to market circumstances and salability of smaller lots, they would like to change it to 19 larger, approximately three-acre lots, as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) with CCR’s which will increase the value of the properties.

Definitions of a PUD - LUA Chapter 9-1-6 # 103- Planned Unit Development. Development which may consist of integrated zones designed to allow Residential, MPR, Commercial, M1 or M2 uses in a combination allowing flexibility and initiative in site and building design and location.

Avant requested the name and plat be changed from Buffalo Ridge to Buffalo Preserve at Zion Mountain, a Planned Unit Development (PUD). The commission recommended the request to be forwarded to the Kane County Commissioners for final approval. 

Legislative: Public Hearing revision of Chapter 11-1 Guest Home. Building Inspector Ryan Maddux proposed a change to the requirements (wording) in the land use ordinance regarding construction of a guest home on the same property as the principle dwelling.

The commission discussed the changes, but decided to take no action at this meeting. Chairman Chelewski suggested scheduling a work meeting with the members writing down any suggestions and questions, so they can do a more thorough review of the proposal at that time. The revision then will be addressed as a public hearing at a future LUA meeting  

Legislative: Public Hearing; adding the definition of Recreational Park Trailer to Chapter 1 Definitions. “A Recreational Park Trailer is a recreation vehicle primarily designed and intended to provide temporary living quarters for recreation, camping or seasonal use. They are built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels with a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 sq. ft. when set up. Each Recreational Park Trailer shall be certified by its manufacturer as complying with ANSI A119.5.

There are two different types of Recreational Park Trailers. One is designed for frequent travel on highways, while the other must be transported with special highway movement permits.”

Administrative: Administrator Smith advised the board members of the intent to revise and update the Kane County General Plan. The revision is required by the state to be done every five years. A contract will be put out for bids and awarded to an outside company to assist in developing the plan. Costs and experience will be considered with expected completion by June 2011.

Administrative: The LUA recommended a parcel joinder, for final approval by the Kane County Commissioner for lots 213 & 215 in Zion Mountain Estates.

Administrative: Renewal of a Conditional Use permit was granted for property owners Henley and Woods to continue to live on-site to complete home construction.

LUA Administrator Gary Smith announced there will be a two-day Planning & Zoning Conference in Provo on April 26-27 and encouraged all the members to plan on attending. There is enough money in the budget to cover expenses. That agenda includes: Introduction to Planning and Zoning, Open & Public Meeting Act, Planning Staff, Legislative Update, Case Law Update and Open Meetings.

Times of public meetings are put on the agenda as per state code.